Cloud without showing the detail like how they delivered.

Cloud computing is recognized as digital facility which is accessed by users over the web. The proposed framework provides the protection according the classification of data.  In this frame work, cloud service provider (CSP) selects the eminent server using cuckoo algorithm with markove chain process and lavy’s flight. After server selection, user encrypt their data using elliptic curve integrated encryption scheme (ECIES) at user side and send it to CSP for storage, where CSP store the data after apply second encryption on itusing AES at server side. This double encryption provides the confidentiality on both sides. This framework integrates server selection approach, Authentication and encryption schemes in order to achieve the integrity, confidentiality as well as efficient computing. Cloud computing represented as a model which offers various services in same manner similar to essential services like gas, telephony, water, electricity etc. In this model, the services delivered to user as per their need without showing the detail like how they delivered. Cloud computing became popular in last five year because of easy access, use on demand and scalability 1. Cloud computing provides varioustype of services like Paas, IaaS and SaaS to users remotely through internet. Through these services, cloud computing serve various resources like storage, software and computing power to various types of users like individuals, groups and organizations. Cloud computing is accepted by various users and got success in market because of its well distribution of resources and on-demand availability. Because users store their data in cloud remotely so users think that they lost command on their data and they are not confident about the security of data claimed by cloud provider 2. One of the main issues in cloud is to achieve efficient scheduling in cloud, considered for research. The allotment of task among the resources in efficient way, in order to increase the performance is the main aim of scheduling. Scheduling is the time-consuming process to search an eminent solution. Maximum algorithm takes long time to generate best possible solution but metaheuristic approaches like League Championship algorithm (LCA), Genetic Algorithm (GA), Ant Colony Algorithm(ACA), BAT algorithm, Cuckoo search Algorithm (CSA) and Particle Swarm Algorithm (PSA) takes reasonable time to find best solution 3. Cloud computing offers storage services to users through internet where users keep their data in cloud remotely. Remote computing brings the various security challenges and security issue for user and CSP both. The CSP offers its services across the Internet and appliesvarious network technologies that also bring security issues 4. Cloud computing faces several number of security challenges like Shared technologies vulnerabilities, Data breach, Account hijacking, service hijacking, Denial of Service (DoS), malicious insiders Many people use the cloud to store their data in today’s scenario. Because cloud hascollection of many servers and these servers are situated at remote locations andshared by many users so selection of server for data storage as well as security of datais necessary in this environment. So here we focus on two issues, where first issueschoose the eminent server for storing the data in cloud, and second issues tells how tosecure the data in cloud and prevent it from unauthorized access. Many schedulingalgorithms are available to decide that which server is suitable for storing theparticular data in cloud. In last five year, nature based algorithm like ACA, FPA, GA,PSA, FFA, BAT Algorithm and CSA are very popular in many areas to find theoptimum solution. Many approaches like authentication, confidentiality, integrity areavailable for security of various types of stored data in cloud. We provide the level ofsecurity depending on different data classifications 11 like protected data, sensitivedata, very sensitive data etc.


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