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Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian trader, explorer and navigator. He was born
in Genoa, Italy. In 1492, a new world had been founded by this man. Many people
in Western of Europe want the shorter way to get to Asia. At that time, he
didn’t have enough money to pay for the voyage. So he ask for the King and
Queen of Spain, Ferdinand II and Isabelle I to pay for this trip. His purposed
of this trip was reached to Asia, where had plenty of gold, pearls and spices.
Then Columbus thought he could get to Asia by sailing west. His journey has
been through three voyages.

August 3rd, 1492, Columbus and his sailors left Spain in three
ships: Santa Maria, Pinta, Santa Clara. In October 12th, 1492, his
crew landed on a small island in Bahamas called Guanahani. Columbus named it
San Salvador Island because he claimed it as Spain. After searching the island
they met Arawak and Taino whose Columbus called as Indians. Then they sailed to
Cuba – the country of tobacco and Hispaniola and built Navidad, a fort with a
name meant Christmas. It was the first European military bases in Western Hem.
But he didn’t forget his main purpose that to find gold, so he took some
Arawaks as prisoners and ordered them to lead him to take gold, but he failed.

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September 24th, 1493, Columbus left Spain to make Spanish colonies
in New World. Explored some of the islands of Lesser Antilles, around
Hispaniola, Jamaica and Cuba. After the first voyage, Columbus had developed
his crew. His crew have 17 ships and 1200 sailors including soldiers, farmers
and priests to convert natives to Christianity. Then he went back to Navidad
but it had burnt down and 37 soldiers were buried and the rest disappeared. The
main reasons were diseases and fought with Arawak people. And while Columbus
exploring Jamaica and Cuba, his soldiers stopped building fort and farms and
asked Arawak people to give them food but didn’t work too much. Then they
trying to steal and raped Arawak women. After every conflicts, the Arawak
fought back but they’ve failed because lack of weapon. On his conquer, Columbus
made people who greater than 14 years old to give him certain amount of gold
every 3 months. If not, his man would cut off their hands and leave bleed to
death. About 10000 people died because of that strict. Many tried to run away
but can’t because Columbus had tons of dogs and hunt them down. On February,
1495, Columbus captured 1500 Taino for trade but they’ve died nearly half on
their trip.

1498, to find a continent South-west of Cape Verde islands as King John II
ordered. Queen Isabelle reminded Columbus that he should treat people on the
island well to convert them to Christians. 3 ships straight to West Indies, 3
ships to Portugese island, Canary Islands and Cape Verde. After left Cape
Verde, they sailed to the Northern Coast of South America and landed in
Trinidad. He also explored more land in South America which now are called Tobago
and Grenada. In August 19th, 1498, he and his crew returned to
Hispaniola, many settlers were unhappy because they think they can have more
gold in the New World. Columbus give settlers land in Hispaniola to keep them
happy but he failed. The settlers sending complaints to Spain. In 1499, Queen
Isabelle sent Francisco de Bobadilla to Hispaniola and gave him all the power
to do everything on the island. In 1500, he arrived and the first thing he did
was arrested Columbus and sent him back to Spain.

America had made a root of a development of the Americas. From that period,
many countries were created and lead to a developed continent as daytime.

10 years, Columbus had discovered a huge part of the world where we called the
New World. After his conquer, people from Europe start to migrate to the New
World for a new life and better live conditions. In 1506, Columbus died because
of heart failure and arthristis in Spain. People will remember Columbus as a
founder of the New World. 


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