Christmas so my great grandparents could understand him. And

Christmas HeritageBelgiumJackson HorvathIntroductionMijn naam is Jackson Horvath. Ik woon in Mishawaka, Indiana en ik woon de Queen of Peace Catholic school bij. Ik zit in de zesde klas. Ik schrijf een onderzoeksrapport over mijn familie-erfgoed. Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt om het te lezen.Family Travel LogMy family who lived in Belgium was from Ghent in the northwest part of Belgium. It wasn’t the city part of Belgium but it was part of the country where they farmed a lot. Ghent wasn’t one of the popular places that people wanted to go but it was a lot quieter there because there weren’t many people there. When my family lived there I don’t think they were very rich but they weren’t very poor either.Mapping Your Family’s PastWhen my family and their friends lived in Belgium they loved to bowl. So when they came to America they wanted to start a bowling club and they named it the BK club. When they came over to America they didn’t know how to speak English. Other Belgians came to Mishawaka and started a church, St. Bavo. It is a replica of their church in Ghent. A Priest that spoke Dutch was at St. Bavo so my great grandparents could understand him. And my grandma was baptised in the church so it means alot to our family.Current Events in the Mother Country This waffle truck from Belgium came to Boston to show them what it tastes like in Belgium. Belgium is fighting against anti-personnel mines in countries. Some fans in Belgium threw hundreds of cuddly toys onto a soccer field for disabled children as early Christmas presents. Some of Spain’s criminals are hiding out in Belgium waiting to see if they extradited.Christmas Worship75% of the people in Belgium are Roman Catholic. They usually go to Mass and believe in the birth of Jesus. They also make Advent wreaths. When they light a candle for each week they sing a song. They also believe that St. Nicholas comes on December 6 to give them presents. Christmas DecoratingLots of children have paper calendars with chocolate behind the doors for each day like an Advent calendar. Most of the people set up a Christmas tree decorated with lights, ornaments, garlands, and a star at the top. They also put lights on their houses to show the Christmas Spirit. They also put their shoes in the shape of something so Santa can put the presents into the shoe. Christmas TraditionsThere are two Santa Clauses in Belgium, St. Nicholas and Pere Noel. The first visit that St. Nicholas makes is on December 4. When he gets there he decides if the kids were good or bad.Then, on December 5, he delivers the presents for the kids that were good. Some of the kids leave  hay so that Santa can feed his horse. I also think that some kids leave carrots for the horse.Christmas FoodsOn Christmas eve most people eat a special food. It starts with a special drink. Then they have fish. They also sometimes have a stuffed turkey. They also have other foods like fruit or vegetables. The dessert is called Kerststronk. It is a christmas log made with a sponge cake and is rolled around with cream in the middle.  How Merry Christmas is said in your languageThere are three languages in Belgium.French- Joyeux NoelDutch- Vrolijk KerstfeestGerman- Fröhliche WeihnachtenYour Personal connection to the heritageMy great Grandma and Grandpa Celie came over from Belgium to America to start a new life. When they came they brought wooden boots that everyone in Belgium wore when they went walking. When they came over they were not fluent in English. They didn’t just bring wooden boots over they also brought a lot of other traditions. How They Make Their OrnamentThe Belgians would paint their flag on ornaments. They also painted other pictures on them. They also might paint their cities in Belgium on the ornament.


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