Choice of Favorite Song and Analysis Essay

Choice of Favorite Song and Analysis Essay

Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun Joong

The Japanese pop culture has been evolving over the years and the pop music industry has not been left behind too and has keep pace with the contemporary lifestyle. Songs have been used to convey messages that are compatible to the current lifestyle in the Japan cities and also the changing culture that is becoming more westernized each passing day.

The song Kiss Kiss by a renowned musician Hyun Joong was composed and sung in 2011 and has been dominating the airwaves and charts in japan as a pop song talking about love. It is interesting to know that Kim Joong traces his family ties to South Korea where he began his music career and is still based, but has had several performances and music competitions in Japan hence the acceptability of his music in general in wider Japan. Kim Joong has commanded a wide following in japan through his pop songs and also as a figure who is common in many television acted productions.

The song Kiss Kiss stands out for me and many listeners due to the fact that it has fast beats that emulate the western style and the repetitive chorus or refrain that is purely in English and respective in its words and structure, hence allowing the listeners and audience to sing along when it comes to the chorus. The verses in the song also have Japanese/Korean words that make the song have a feel of the local population, hence endearing it to the Japanese listeners. This mix of languages makes the son appeal to a wider audience and acceptability in Japan, South Korea and even the western nations.

The contemporary Japanese culture has indicated a wider acceptance of the western pop culture and this is one central factor that has enabled the song Kiss Kiss to remain among the top liked and listened to songs in japan. For instance over the last week it has been in the second position after another pop song with western touch called Kimi ni and also followed by ‘My Love’ which is yet another similar pop song (Only Lyrics, 2016). It is curious to note that all these three songs featuring in the most liked songs in Japan are love songs with a heavy western influence. This is perhaps a clear indication that the music industry in Japan continues to be shaped by…


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