Charles in Shrewsbury a small trading (handel) town in

Charles Robert Darwin was born on february 12 1809 in Shrewsbury a small trading (handel) town in the south of england now already as child he was interesting in all the big and little things of nature and he spend every free moment with his collection of beetles, butterflies and other insects his father was a respected physician and his grandfather was a major botanist (växtlära) so with the wealthy family behind him there was very high hopes for young Charles. Darwin had to go to Edinboro and study medicine to become a doctor like his dad while studying Darwin learned the dissection (noggrann analy) and preparation of animals something that was very interesting to him and that he used later on as a basis for  his work as a scientist. He decide to stop studying medicine and his father was very disappointed  and suggested that he become a priest. In 1827 Darwin started studying theology( vetenskap om religioner) at the Christ college but he used every spar moments to study natural sciences. By 1831 Darwin graduated and saw before him a future as country priest but then he received an offer he couldn’t refuse the Royal navy gave captain Robert the commission (uppdrag) to map the entire coastline of south america and this would contribute (bidra) to the expansion of england position of power in the atlantic and pacific. Although Darwin was not a scientist but only a wealthy theologian (vetenskap om religioner) with scientific interests . December 27 1831 he began the trip around the world that would change everything.However once they step on land all his doubts (tvivel)were blown and the scientists  inside him was awoken. One of his first discoveries were fossilized oysters (blå mussla) which he found on land but why would marin animals be on land? Darwin recognized that the earth must be dynamic. Later on  he would transfer this idea of dynamics also to biology above all the gallipoli island were very interesting for Darwin the observations he made while there helped him for his theory of natural selection. The inhabitants (invånare)of the island told him that the shells (snäka) of the gallipoli turtles (sköldpadda) on different islands displayed (visa sig) different patterns (model) the Darwin understood for the first time that animals adapt (anpassa) over long periods of time due their environment and change like this again and again after five years of world traveling Darwin concluded with his tour. He had taken about 3000 pages of travel notes collected 1529  species and 3907 skins creating 12 catalogues of animals and plants back in england he became himself a major attraction. Everybody wanted to know something


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