Chapter the individuals. According to English-Definition Collins Dictionary, Electronic

Chapter 1


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            Nowadays, people are so dependent on electronic devices. People
cannot live without these devices because it helps them live in an easier way.
Observing from what the people in the society do  today, most houses even the small one have
electronic devices. Electronics have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.
People in the community only know just one side of electronics which is how it
can benefit them. They do not realize that being surrounded by these devices
can affect them in terms of health. This study aims to show what is the most
common used electronic devices at home and to know what are the effects of
these on the individuals.

            According to English-Definition Collins Dictionary, Electronic is
used to refer to equipment, such as television sets, computers, etc. , in which
the current is controlled by transistors, valves, and similar components and
also to the components themselves. 
Electronic devices can make people going through with their daily lives
but behind those easy way that these devices can give is the risk of one’s
health from exposing their body on these devices.

            This study have an objective on
knowing what are the possible effects that an individual can get from too much
using of electronic appliances. So that it might be a help for the people in
the society who are victims of unknowing the impact that electronics can give
to them in terms of health.


Statement of the Problem

            This study aimed to identify the most common used electronic
devices at home and to know the effects of it towards human in terms of health.
Specifically, this study will answer the following question:

What is electronic?

What are the most common used electronic
devices at home?

Why people used electronic devices?

How much time people spend on using
electronic devices?

How will they feel after spending too
much time on electronic devices?


Significance of the Study

This study will be a great help and
will be very beneficial to students, parents, school administrators and future

Students. This study will help
students to become aware of the effects of too much exposure and using
electronic devices that will be able them to restrain themselves on these

This study will help parents become aware of the increase of children who
uses electronic devices that causes them to have a poor health and also to
limit their selves also on using such devices when they are with their
children  because the child might  follow them.

Administrators. This study will help implement plans and solutions to help
students to minimize using electronic devices and it will enable them to
understand why students become weak or will become aggressive.

Researcher. This study will help future researchers by making this study as
their reference guide. They will be able to use the facts from this study for
them to get ideas and references if they plan to conduct  the same study.


Scope and Delimitations of the Study

            This study focused on and
was limited only to the most common used electronic  devices at home mostly to the  electronic device users living on it. This study was conducted at
Brgy. Jibolo, Janiuay, Iloilo wherein 50 houses were be given a survey
questionnaire as participants of the study. The participants were the ones
identified as the ones who are always using electronic  devices. This study is done from November
2017  to February 2018.









Chapter 2

Review of Related Literature



            The review related literature consists of three parts: (1) Impacts
of Electronic Appliances or Devices on Children, (2) How Electronic Devices or Appliances Affects  Human Health, and (3) Effects
of Electronic Devices or Appliances Towards Human  in Terms of Health

Part One, Impacts of Electronic Appliances or Devices on Children, explains the positive and
negative impacts electronics can give to children.

 Part Two, How Electronic Devices or Appliances Affects Human Health,
discusses how can electronics affect one’s health and the reason behind of
having a health problem after using these devices or appliances.

Part Three, Effects of Electronic Devices or Appliances Towards Human in Terms
of Health, shows the negative effects electronics can give on human health.


Impacts of Electronic Appliances or Devices on Children

            According to Yap Bee Lee
(2015), electronic appliances or devices can be useful but at the same time
they can also be harmful if they are over-used. Electronic appliances or
devices help the children more active in terms of senses and imagination. It
helps them develop their ability to listen, speech, and learning sounds. Playing
games through these devices can build the child’s cognitive learning and
develop their analytical skills – innovative thinking
and investigation skills, strategic thinking, and creativity. Moreover, child’s
manual dexterity may improve and their computer literacy may develop by using
computers at the same time it boost their self-esteem and develops their self
how to focus. Through the games they played, the mathematical and engineering
skills are develop also their motivation to succeed in their goals.

the other hand, Kaiser Family Foundation found out on the result of their
survey that children give more than seven hours per day on using electronic
appliances or devices. In addition, the result of their survey says that
children are expert on using electronics but do not know how to tie the shoe
lace of their own shoes. Spending time on the devices or appliances may
constrain some outdoor activities with their family and friends. Playing
violent games on these devices for a long period of time leads them to be more
aggressive that causes them to challenge their teachers, friends, family, and
relatives. Additionally, children have a difficulty on concentrating on their
studies because of excessive computer exposure that it become addictive. Therefore,
being addict on electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones, etc. can
lead to a sedentary lifestyle, poor health, time management, and eating habits
(Lee, 2015).


How Electronic Devices or Appliances Affects Human Health

            According to Selvarajah Krishnan, Aizat
Zakaria, Faiz Khalil, and Syahmi Jofree (2017) on their study “The Effect of Electronic Device on Human Health”,
electronic devices or appliances help human going
through their daily life but still it can also gives a bad impact on human
health. They have several reasons and research written why electronics affects
human health.

 First is the
brightness of electronic device itself. Its brightness can affect the eyes
especially when it is used at night. Not just the eyes alone but also the focus
points and the blurred point of the eye (Paul, 2015).

            Second is the
radiation of electronic device. Its radiation affects human internal part such
as brain, nerves, eyes, and ears. Most of the users do not realize that they
are surrounded by technologies which happen the source of radiation that causes
our health to breakdown (J. Mater. Chem. C, 2013).

                Last is electronic device influencing healthcare
meaning, it makes human distract with the environment. Therefore, human will
influence by the information they learn from those devices and live a bad
living. These devices also make human did not care about their health because
they always sit and playing with their devices that they forgot to have an
exercise. Ending, they start to feel lazy and got sick (Dixon, 2007).

            On the other hand, according to Sara
Lappe (2015), the longer the time that children spend on screen the higher the
chance of childhood obesity, behavior problems, ADHD, poor sleep quality, poor
physical activity, and poor school performance. Moreover, she believed that
parents are one of the reason why children became addict on electronic devices.
Children are constantly learning from their parents and they follow their
parent’s footsteps. It is said that children are more risky because they are
dependent on their parents and what they see they do.


Effects of Electronic Devices or Appliances Towards Human in Terms
of Health

            There is no denying on the positive
impacts of electronic devices but that is just its one side. According to Corey
Jansen (2014), excessive using of electronic devices like smart phones and
tablet leads to physical strains – inflamed tendons, thumb joints, and index
finger – because of texting and swiping of the screen. The physical strains
that the user can get from the long and repetitive action can lead to stress
injuries – pain of the wrist, weakness of the grip, and popping sounds when
moving one’s fingers.

            Another effect is poor posture.
According to Dra. Ewa Gustafsson, researcher and ergonomist at the University
of Gothenburg, Sweden, in her study about the mobile phone habits of young
adults who send text messages every day, 50% of the participants testify about
their suffering from arm, wrist, neck, and back pain due to long used of their
cell phones. Poor posture – forward head, hunched back, or rounded shoulders – is
not a product of bad childhood habits but instead it is because of too much
exposure and use of handheld devices – cell phones, tablets, etc. (Jansen,

            Next is disrupted sleeping patterns. Using electronics at
least 2 hours before sleeping leads to an increase in stress, sleep disorders,
and depression in both men and women.  It
is because of the artificial light from the phones or tablets that hinders the
pineal gland from producing melatonin – a hormone that stabilizes the human
body’s circadian rhythm known as 24-hour biological clock – that tell the user
to stay awake even if it is already time to sleep (Jansen, 2014).

            Then obesity. Jansen (2014) added
that as of today, hundreds of thousands game and apps can be downloaded in a
few clicks that leads to people on becoming an addict to video games that
promotes sedentary lifestyle and makes a person an obese. On the other hand,
risk of cancer is also one of the effects of using electronic devices.
Radiation that emits from those devices causes cancer, kills neurons, and
weakens one’s immune system.

            According to Admin (2014), one of
the first issues caused by too much exposure from electronic devices is
negative impact on eyesight. Excessive staring into the screen of electronic
devices cause dryness of the eyes, itchiness, dark circles and much more.
Second is retarding brain health wherein the users experiencing nagging
headaches without any reasons and it may strongly linked with the development
of Alzheimer’s Disease. Last is cardiovascular stress and sleeping disorders
mostly insomnia. The radiation from the electronic devices affect one’s heart
in infinite different ways.







Chapter 3

Research Methodology



Research methodology explains where,
when, and how the study was conducted. It describes the respondents and the
focus of the study. This chapter also discusses the type of research used. It
is divided into 6 parts: (1) Research Design, (2) Research Locale, (3) Research
Instrument, (4) The Sample, (5) Data Collection Procedure, and (6) Data
Analysis Procedure.

            Part One, Research Design, shows the purpose and the flow
of the study.

            Part Two, Research Locale, describes the setting of the

Part Three, Research
Instrument, includes the materials that will be used in the study.

Part Four, The Sample,
shows the profiles of the participants.

Part Five, Data Collection
Procedure, includes the different steps used in the data collection.

Part Six, Data Analysis
Procedure, includes the steps on how the researcher analyzed the collected


Research Design

This study came up with a quali-quanti research  through survey questionnaire and interview
questions. A
set of questions was prepared for the participants to accurately respond to.

This study aimed to know
and investigate what are the common used electronic appliances and its effect
toward the health of people using it. 


Research Locale

The research was conducted at Brgy.
Jibolo, Janiuay Iloilo where the participants are living. This barangay is
accessible because it compose of 50 houses that is needed by the researcher in
their study.


Research Instrument

                The instrument used are researcher-made survey questionnaire and
interview questions for the participants to answer. The survey questionnaire
contains check list question for the participants for an easy answering.

The Sample

            There were 50 houses with different classes are chosen to be the
participants in order to know the said problem with each class. 25 houses which
class is average and another 25 which class is high.


Data Collection Procedure

            The researchers
had direct interaction with the participants, who were a set of questions.  Factual and detailed answers are expected
from the participants.


Data Analysis Procedure

            Data gathered after the interview
with the participants was considered and analyzed in order to fulfill the
purpose and goal of the study. Information gathered from the different
participants was compared to other participants that enabled the researchers to
determine what are the common used electronic appliances and its effect to
one’s health. 


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