Cervical one of the major dietary polyphenol found in

cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the developing world,
and the largest cancer killer among women in most developing countries, including
India.  Phytochemicals and their derived
metabolites present in root, leaf, flower, stem and bark affect human systems.
These elements or their altered forms have shown significant antitumor potential.
Phytochemicals plays a role in inhibiting tumorogenesis in cancer cells through
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and proapoptotic mechanism. Quercetin
is one of the major dietary polyphenol found in several fruits vegetable and
beverages. Quercetin downregulates Bcl-2 through inhibition of NF-kB and phosphorylation
of EGFR thus, suppressing downstream signaling in cervical carcinoma cells. Myricetin is one of the major
phytochemicals present in onions and berries and has been found to inhibit
angiogenesis via the inhibition of PI3K and the suppression of matrix
metalloproteinase responsible for vascular growth. Apigenin is another abundant
flavonoid found in onions and induces apoptosis in cervical adenocarcinoma
cells. Similarly, sulforaphane found in cruciferous vegetables has been
demonstrated to trigger cell cycle arrest in cervical cancer cells. Camptothecin
and its analogues induce the apoptosis of cancer cells by inhibiting DNA
topoisomerase I. Nanotechnology is the approach to manufacture nanomaterials at the
atomic and molecular levels. It has improved the management and appears as a
promising technique for treating cancers. Nano-phytochemicals inhibit cell
proliferation, tumorogenesis and induces cell cycle arrest via different
signaling pathways. In cervical cancer, nanotechnology has been increasingly
examined to enhance early diagnosis and improve treatment efficacy. Use of
nanophytochemicals as nanomedicine may help overcome the barrier for drug
delivery and achieve higher efficacy in cervical cancer treatment. 


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