Certain aircraft were created to assist the military. Radars

Certain things have a large impact on events like wars. For example, during World War II, technology was played an important role. Most of the technology used in the war was created from after World War I to the beginning of the second world war. This technology was created to aid the army in order for them to be victorious over their enemies, the Axis powers. The World War also had an effect on the technology we have today. In WWII, technology played a greater role than any other war in history and had a vital part in the result of the war.     This topic is important because the advancement of weapons helped the Allied Powers win and the world is the way it is now because of these advancements. This topic relates to what we have learned in the beginning of the year because we learned about the weapons the Neolithic era. In that time period they used bones and sticks to make spears. By the time of the Sassanid Empires, swords and spears were developed and widespread. These weapons were far more effective than spears and the bow and arrows.      For this research essay, I will use the primary sources of newspapers and journals from the time of the war and use their experience in my examination of the topic of technology in World War 2. Technology was customized for military use in several fields including weaponry, logistical support, medicine, rocketry, communications and intelligence. In the weaponry field biological, chemical and atomic weapons were created. In the logistical support field, vehicles were created to transport soldiers and supplies. These vehicles included ships, trains, trucks, tanks and aircrafts. In the medical field new medicine like the penicillin and surgical techniques were created in order to save lives of wounded soldiers. Atomic bombs and automatic aircraft were created to assist the military. Radars and devices used for navigation, remote sensing, communication and espionage were customized for military usage. I will further examine these specific technology to see how it developed and helped the Allies, including the United States of America, England, Russia, China, defeat the Axis Powers of Germany, Japan and Italy. In the book World War 2: New Technologies: Technologies That Affected WWII Warfare by Ryan Jenkins he states that, “The more advanced armed forces of the 1930s had the planes and bombs necessary to begin the process of high altitude strategic bombing, but they did not have the accuracy”. These technologies were created to effectively get what the Allies need to do done. A primary source that I will use is President Truman’s press release on August 6th, 1945. In which he said, “It (the bomb) had more than two thousand times the blash power of the British “Grand Slam” which is the largest bomb ever yet used in the history of warfare”. Even the president knew that the advanced technology would be advantageous to the victory of the Allies. In 1952, seven years after the war had ended, Massachusetts institute of Technology published a president’s report issue. In that issue, he said, “Certain projects with military objectives which had continued after World War II became quickly of more urgent importance…”. America realized how much technology helped them to win the war. The according to the statistics 57% of students enrolled in MIT because the realized the importance of engineering and science. Technology played a crucial role to the success of the Allied Powers in World War 2. Even after the world war, America decided to develop more advancements to help their country. Technology had a huge impact then and now as well. Advancements in technology make the world it is today. It was imperative for the success to the world war. “The Allies of World War II cooperated extensively in the development and manufacture of new and existing technologies to support military operations and intelligence gathering during the Second World War.” Advancements lead to improvements which lead to the triumph of the World War II.


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