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? In the same way, an endorsement of manufactured goods by celebrities has been making an impression on consumers and on marketing in positive and negative ways; however, there are also some aspects that should be noted before the endorsement or the selection of celebrity.Furthermost, this paragraph will shed some light on the benefits to use celebrities in marketing. First of all, product endorsed by a well-known personality builds brand’s fairness and trust. “People are emotionally and morally connected with their idols. Celebrities are no less than any idols for them. In this highly populated world, every celebrity that you will come across will have over a million fans, and thus getting the thumbs up from them should bring a lot of success for your business. Now when these millions of people will join your brand, your brand’s market value and reputation will automatically improve in the shortest period of time. (Mello, 2014)”. Secondly, an advertisement which has been made by a loved face or celebrity for a brand would help people to remember ads; as a result, people can easily distinguish that advertised brand or product in other available brands in market. Thirdly, millions of euros or dollars are being spent by enterprises on celeb endorsements. Some of giant brands are worth billions themselves like Coca-Cola, H, Nike, McDonald’s, L’Oreal, Samsung, etcetera; Since now it is obvious that consumers are disposed to purchasing a product when they see a known face in the adverts and most of them also believe that it ought to be a superior quality because they observe some credentials (5 Reasons why celebrity endorsements work, 2016). “Most fans would believe that if their favorite stars think the product is favorable, then they would most likely buy the product! At times, the brands can speak for itself if they are big name brands anyway.” (5 Reasons why celebrity endorsements work, 2016) .Then, it makes the brand stands out from competitors. Every brand in the market attempt to stand unique or to show its matchlessness in the marketplace by practicing new promotion strategies like commercials, discounts, exhibitions, but having an unanticipated huge personality could be an excellent way to be noticeable.  Last but not the least, it magnetizes new costumers. Many times people who see the native celebrity in advert for a specific product might be persuaded to test the product after some time.On the contrary, there are also some demerits of using celebrities in marketing of manufactured goods. To start with, when celebrity start getting less popular, then the figures of their fans would fall too .Thus, the marketing of his/her advertised products acquires less recognition in the marketplace. After that, some personalities are really huge and the brand could be promptly outshined by the fame of that person (Mello, 2014). If this occurs, devoting millions of euros to such adverts begins to make no logic at all; several commercials even focus on celebrities excessively, this means there is no brand remembrance (Mello, 2014). Significantly, celebrity endorsement is very expensive and there is no assurance that it will bring reward in trade. For this reason, companies must think beforehand hiring any famous figure because there would be no turning back after spending too much money. Another point is that, there is always some skepticism from people about the product that the celebrity really uses the product which he or she endorses (Scotto di Santolo, 2015). Last, some brands do not make good earnings out of their adverts when there is no such good match between the celebrity and their product; for example, if a fitness model endorses cement or an athlete endorses cigarette or fast food.HINT: lots of advertisements are being done in a year.There are some facets that companies need to consider in celebrity endorsement. Above all, companies will make sure that there must be good match between the product and the celebrity, and brand had better associate celebrity’s personality as well. For example: “Porsche has recently signed tennis player Maria Sharpova for her power and elegance that she brings into the game. This same power and elegance is what describes a Porsche as well. Thus, we can say that it was a perfect association.”(Mello, 2014). Likewise, choosing a famous figure is advantageous for brands, even so, the indispensable for companies will be to use that celebrity which has a good image in public. Next, people prefer less purchasing a product which is advertised by the celeb who endorses numerous brands or products. Thus, this can lead the brand to the reduction of their effectiveness, so they must select the icon who endorses not many brands. Subsequently, companies should hire personages on contract basis because when the fame of personages decrease, then the count of their followers is also falls. Finally, they should focus more on their products rather than celebrity itself during the advertising of their product or service.  In conclusion, celebrities are being frequently used in marketing nowadays ,and . Celebrities do not just bring value to the viewers, but they fill glamorous in advertisement. However, advertising cost is the bigger issue for companies. Practicing celebrity endorsement has its own merits and demerits; nevertheless, it could save a dying brand or service.


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