C register what was happening before I began to

C h a p t e r  T w o
S t r a n g e r s

“You’re awake,”

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     Slowly, my eyes began to flutter open, struggling to adjust to the blinding darkness. A pain-filled groan escaped my chapped lips, a pulsating headache beginning to wash over me. Lifting my hand toward my neck, my fingers brushed against my throat, causing me to gasp, and pull my hand away from the excruciating pain. The rest of my body ached as I began to sit up from the warmth of the covers. Instantly, a pair of hands grasped onto my shoulders, forcing me down against the bed.

     “No…. L-Let go…” The strange person ignored my pleads as they took a hold of my wrist, tracing their fingers against my vein.

     “Let… go..” I murmured, my speech slurred from exhaustion. Gradually, my vision became clearer, and I found myself staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. I flinched, feeling something poke my wrist. As I looked down, I could just barely make out a syringe sticking out of my wrist, blood slowly being drawn from the vein. Pulling the syringe from my wrist appeared to be a young man, his messy, brunette locks shielding his face from my line of vision. I attempted to lift up my leg, only for it to be tugged back against the bed, followed by the sound of metallic rattling. It took me a moment to register what was happening before I began to panic.

     “Oh, god…” Pushing myself up to a sitting position, I tugged on the metal shackles that were clasped around my ankle, knowing no matter how hard I pulled, the metal clasp would never shatter. A hand was placed against mine, slightly squeezing, and my blood ran cold. Slowly, my gaze turned toward the man who had wielded the syringe, and my eyes locked onto black, hollow eyes that stared through the holes of a mask. Black liquid was streaked down the mask, which appeared to resemble tears. I stared a moment longer, before I opened my mouth to scream. Instantly, his hand shot forward, covering my mouth.

     “I suggest you stay quiet,” He whispered, his tone kind, yet threatening. I shuddered under his cold glare, tears beginning to roll down my cheeks.

     “I’m going to remove my hand. If you scream, i’ll slit your throat. Understood?” Nodding, you stayed silent, his hand slowly being pulled away from your mouth. Taking in a shaky breath, my body tensed his


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