Business most likely to contribute to the company’s long

Business people often hear the term “strategy” discussed
in meetings with their co-workers, clients and stakeholders. Yet there is
considerable confusion about the meaning of the word and how the development of
a business strategy can be used to guide the company forward. A business
strategy helps marshal all of the company’s resource toward a common goal.
Having a clear and focused strategy is critically important to success of
business and without a well-defined strategy; yours may stall or even fail.

strategy is usually a short document that sets out the one or two key elements
distinguish a company from its competition and are most likely to contribute to
the company’s long term success. Once the strategy is developed, it should be
communicated to employees frequently so that the business focus is maintained.

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A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to
achieve its desire ends or objectives. A business strategy is concerned with major resource issue and deciding on what products to allocate. Strategies are concerned with the scope
of business activities.

Business strategy is an essential part of conducting
business operation as it directly influences the outcomes and result of firm
performance. Since choice of business strategy influence various organizational
outcomes, forming and implementing optimal strategy to suit the context of
business is of significant value in minimizing company profits and minimizing
economic risk. Strategy should be formed based on the knowledge and
characteristics of the host environment.

This study is mostly focused on Chinese businessman strategies; explore the characteristic of Chinese strategy especially in
running a business. This
research will study the existing business strategy of Chinese businessman and
its impact on running a business.
As the main purpose of the study, the researchers
wanted to know the different strategies of Chinese businessman and attempts
to determine whether the strategies
they operate within
business lead to business success.



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