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Bullies have found a new way to tease or threaten individuals with technology. Bullying online and in the real world can give human beings an emotional effect. It’s not easy being a parent whose child is being bullied. You want to want to help them any way you can. Technology was for easier communication but it took a turn for the worse.Teens always have apps that keep them on the internet constantly. Many teens can text or call their friends all day. Parents are concerned on why their children or child is always on their phone considering that their is so much on the internet whether good or bad. Are parents just want us to be safe and not do anything stupid on are phones. Cyberbullying can lead to harassment, embarrassment and threatening other people. Some acts can be easy to spot and some can be less obvious. Thing right thing to do is to report that person. In addition, cyber bullying can be taken the wrong way as well. Someone can make a joke about you but it can be a painful insult to you. People should think before they say something hurtful about that person. Bullying can not only happen at school but it can happen at school as well. Boy and girls who are being picked on can feel like they are stuck down a hole and there is no way out. If someone is getting bullied for a long period of time they can get stress, depression and anxiety. It can also lead to suicide too. If the bully gets caught then he or she will be kicked off their sports team and they will suspended and punished for their actions. Even though it’s best to tell a teacher, parent or a trusted adult that you are getting bullied, teens still won’t approach an adult since they will feel regretful that the adult might get the wrong idea and they will take away their phone or computer. You can tell if someone is getting bullied on online if they are withdrawing from their family, friends, and activities, a change in mood, behavior, or loss of appetite and avoiding discussions about computer or phone activities. Being a parent whose chose is getting bullied, you should comfort and stick up for your child. In addition, let them know that you will be right by their side and you and your child will figure out a way to stop the bullying. Perhaps you can talk about any bullying experience you had during your childhood and what you did to defend your self and so maybe your children will do the same thing. Tell your child that it’s not their fault and that the bullying say more about the bully not the victim. Well your child is telling you that he/she is getting bullied online, you should admire your child due to the fact that it’s a great thing that your child knows the difference between good and bad and it allows tells you that your raised your child well. Just know that if a child is getting bullied, they are not alone. Everyone gets bullied at one point of their life. It’s best to let someone at school know that you are getting bullying whether it’s talking to the principal, a counselor, or teacher. You and your children should make a plan that both of you are comfortable with doing it. When bring bullied, it’s best to not talk back to the bully or else the situation will be worse and it just makes the bully more mad. Even though it’s hard to keep the sickening comments and pictures, the victim should keep it for evidence. Another way is to prevent the bullying hurt you is to limit your use of the internet. Even though it’s tempting to look at new messages or your social media to see if the bully sent messages or comment on something you should stop. Maybe try putting your computer or phone in a public area where your family can see what you are doing. Furthermore, you can try turning on control options for parents so it can give them access your message and your social media. Parents can try to follow their child account but it’s best not to post or comment anything to their social media accounts. Check what they are posting and what websites they visit.  Make sure they are not doing anything that can cause trouble. Talk to your kids about why it’s bad to share personal information with other people, even your friends. Adding on, never state where you live or where you are. They can use it against you. Create a contract that you and you kid are both willing to follow based on using social media and using the internet. If you so or daughter is having very emotional pain try going to a therapist or talk to the counselor at school who can help you work out the bullying. 


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