BREAST in a wide variety of projections and sizes.

BREAST ENLARGEMENT SURGERYBreast enlargement surgery, also known as breast augmentation or breast enhancement, is one of the most regularly performed procedures in the bangalore(Bengaluru) and involves the insertion of implants under the breast tissue to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. Many women choose to have breast augmentation surgery to boost body confidence and to feel comfortable with the size and shape of their breasts. “Breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most common procedures in the Bangalore(Bengaluru). By using mentor we can insert the implants in a way that suits you to hide and minimise any scarring” There are a multitude of reasons why our patients are happy with the results:Dr Girish is registered with the “Association of plastic surgeons of India” and our nurses are Registered General Nurses (RGN) with membership to the Nursing and Member of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons to ensure that you’re provided with the best level of service and support throughout your journey. The surgery only takes between one and two hours, and patients make a full recovery between four and six weeks after surgery.Choice of either round or CPG (also known as anatomical or teardrop) implants in a wide variety of projections and sizes. Extensive experience changing the size, shape, position or firmness of breasts following pregnancy, weight loss or the natural ageing process.We help women feel more confident wearing the clothes, underwear and swimwear they have always loved, but were not always comfortable wearing. We just make a number of small, discreet incisions to ensure that there is the minimal amount of scarring, and these will fade over time until they are almost invisible.We have performed thousands of breast enlargement procedures across India in major cities.BOOK A CONSULTATION WITH CURLS AND CURVESAt first consultation Dr Girish will walk you through the surgery and the options available to you. At a second consultation your highly skilled and experienced specialist Cosmetic Surgeon will discuss the size and shape of your existing breasts and working with you to reach a mutual decision on the surgery.When choosing your implants your surgeon will discuss your wants and expectations and take you through your options which include the size you would like, the projection of the breast from the body and the shape of the implant, i.e. round of anatomical (teardrop)Breast Enlargement is suitable for patients with all skin types and the surgery itself is done under general anaesthetic taking between one and two hours. After your surgery, you may require a night or short stay in hospital to be kept under observation and your progress can be monitored by our Cosmetic Surgery Nurses.THE BREAST ENLARGEMENT PROCEDUREAt curls and curves, all of our medically led team of Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgery Nurses have years’ of experience and all are registered with the Association of plastic surgeons of India. Patient care is our number one priority, and that is why we insist on a minimum of two pre-surgery consultations, a full assessment of your current health and medical history, and ongoing post-operative care.The breast enhancement operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic, your Consultant Anaesthetist will speak to you about this on the day of your operation. The operation time will vary from patient to patient and can take up to an hour. Dr Girish will make an incision in the skin about 3 to 5cms long, usually in the crease below the breast but incisions can also be made in the underarm or around the areola (nipple).  Your surgeon will discuss the appropriate incision in your case. The surgeon will then create a pocket for the implant to be placed in and this can be between the breast tissue and chest muscle (sub glandular placement) or behind the chest wall muscle (sub muscular placement). Some surgeons use what is called a “dual plane” placement and in this case the implant will be placed partly behind the breast tissue and partly behind the muscle. The size and shape of the breast, the looseness of the skin and your own anatomy will determine which position the surgeon feels is the best option for you and this will be explained and discussed at your consultation. The incision will be stitched and these may be dissolvable stitches rather than ones which require removing and they will be covered by dressings and then a sports type bra which you will be advised to take with you. There may be drainage tubes in place which will be removed before you go home. You will be advised beforehand whether your surgery is being performed as a day case or if you will need to stay overnight. However, don’t forget that even day case patients can occasionally need to stay overnight if they are initially not well enough to go home.From your very first consultation with Dr Girish you will have a committed nursing team to talk you through the surgery and to provide all of the support you need.BREAST AUGMENTATION AFTER CARE After your breast surgery you will be required to wear a post-surgical bra (similar to a sports bra) 24-hours a day, to support and protect your breasts after the surgery. Every patient is different but a full recovery is usually made between four and six weeks, returning to work after just one to two weeks depending on the nature of your occupation.Before leaving the hospital you will be given a full guide to help you to make a full and speedy recovery, along with a phone number so that you can call any day, any time that you need us. You may require a night or short stay in hospital to have your progress monitored, but you should be back to work in one to two weeks depending on your occupation, and a full recovery should be made between four and six weeks after surgery.It is important that you take things steady when you return home in order to rest and to fully recover from the surgery. We recommend that women who have a Breast Enlargement have an MRI scan three years after the surgery, and every two years after that, to ensure that everything is as it should be.After surgery with curls and curves you are one of our patients forever, meaning that we are here for you whenever you need us.AFTERCARE GUIDELINES WHAT TO EXPECT:You will return from theatre with a sports bra in place, you must wear this continuously until your post operative appointment.You will have some discomfort. Pain relief will be prescribed and administered as required.There may be some fluid leakage initially following surgery so do not be alarmed as this is normal, however anything pronounced should be brought to the attention of the clinic.You will have a wound check at day 7 and whenever necessary thereafter. Most of the sutures used are dissolvable, however any that may need removing will be done at your post operative appointment.You will not be permitted to drive for 1 week following surgery, therefore arrangements must be made for you to be collected.THE WEEK FOLLOWING SURGERY:Your sports bra must remain continuously in place until your post operative appointment with curls and curves Group. Details of your appointment will be confirmed by your nurse.You must NOT bathe or shower following surgery until instructed to by your nurse.Movements will be restricted for initial few weeks following surgery so do not over do it.Do not get the wound site wet. A warm and moist environment harbours bacteria and may lead to a possible infection of the wound.Do not take any medications containing aspirin 1 week following surgery.The incisions must be protected from sunlight & artificial UV for initial 12 months using an SPF 25 +.The breast may appear swollen and feel slightly hard initially this is normal and to be expected following surgery. There also may be altered sensation to the entire or part of the breast including the incision and nipple area, again this is normal.The sports bra is an important part of the healing process and must be worn for 6 weeks following surgery as directed by your surgeon.Avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 6 weeks following surgery.Massage is extremely important following surgery and is generally commenced 5 – 7 days following the operation please follow the surgeons and nurse’s instructions for this.BREAST ENLARGEMENT BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOSOur dedicated “Breast Enlargement before and after photos (LINK)”page features images provided by our surgeons and patients who have allowed us to use them, and they have not been altered or photoshopped in any way. Breast enhancement results and benefits can vary and are different for every individual, and specific results cannot be guaranteed.Click through below to see our breast enlargement before and after photos of procedures conducted by our experienced surgeons. (PHOTOS LINK)WHAT DOES THE PROCEDURE ENTAIL AND HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?The procedure usually takes between one and two hours to complete, is carried out under general anaesthetic and may require an overnight stay in hospital so that your progress can be monitored.Your cosmetic surgeon will begin by making small incisions in the natural crease underneath the breast, in the armpit or the underside of the nipple area. They will then insert the implant either behind or over the muscle and breast tissue to give a natural shape before closing the incisions with surgical sutures. Your surgeon will advise which position will deliver the best results for you. You can discuss the procedure in more detail with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation.IS BREAST ENLARGEMENT RIGHT FOR ME?People choose to have Breast Enlargement for many different reasons. The procedure is most suitable for and most commonly performed on patients with small breasts, asymmetrical breasts or breasts that have lost volume or shape due to weight loss or pregnancy. There is no right or wrong reason to have the procedure but what’s essential for all patients is that you do thorough research and talk to your chosen cosmetic surgeon.HOW MUCH DOES BREAST AUGMENTATION COST?As the procedure is different for every patient, there is no set price. An accurate cost can be given following consultations with your cosmetic surgeon, this will address whether you need an overnight stay and all aftercare appointments.AM I TOO OLD / YOUNG for BREAST ENLARGEMENT SURGERY?Breast Enlargement surgery is not recommended for women who have not fully developed, as the body shape can change a lot, naturally. To have this procedure at curls and curves, you must be over 18 and in good general health. Your cosmetic surgeon will have access to your medical records too, so they will be able to advise you on whether the procedure is suitable for you. We thoroughly assess all patients, regardless of age so please book a consultation to find out if you’re a suitable patient.IS IT POSSIBLE/SAFE TO BREASTFEED WITH BREAST IMPLANTS?Yes absolutely. It is important to let your surgeon know if you plan to have children and breastfeed as it may influence where the incisions are made.HOW DO I CHOOSE THE RIGHT CUP SIZE?Choosing the right size is crucial and this will be a big part of your surgical consultations. The sizes available to you will depend on your current breast size, your build and the amount of loose fat or skin in the chest area. We recommend that you don’t increase your breast size by more than one or two cup sizes. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO FULLY RECOVER for BREAST AUGMENTATION?Every patient is different so recovery times for breast enlargement surgery can vary, however we usually expect patients to make a full recovery and return to normal activities four to six weeks after surgery. Most people return to work one to two weeks after the procedure.As part of the recovery process, you will need to wear a special, supportive post-surgical bra 24 hours a day. This is a bit like a sports bra and is designed to support your new breasts and protect them during the healing process. WILL I BE LEFT WITH SCARS?Surgical incisions are made in the most discreet places possible. This means that scarring is minimal and usually hidden in the armpit or under the natural creases of the breasts. Any scarring you are left with will fade over time until you are left with very faint marks that are barely noticeable.DO I NEED TO TAKE ANY LONG-TERM PRECAUTIONS AFTER BREAST ENLARGEMENT SURGERY? No. The only precautions you’ll need to take are any that you took before you had your surgery. There are many myths surrounding breast implants and flying for example, but these have no basis in truth. For more information you can visit our myths and facts page (Myths and facts link)


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