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BREAKING NEWS!!!7 September, 1666INTRODUCTION A couple days ago, September 2, 1666, a great fire had started in London. It all began in Thomas Farriner’s little bakery on Pudding Lane. It is believed that a spark had landed on a puddle of fuel. “It was horrific. We woke up at 1 am in the morning to the smell of smoke. I dragged myself  downstairs and found my bakery in flames! I gathered my children and escaped. We were very lucky to have been able to survive,” says Mr. Thomas Farriner. Even though it had started in Mr. Farriner’s bakery, Mr. Farriner was not accused. Right now, Robert Hubert is being held as suspect, but will most likely be released once more evidence comes to light.THE FIRE EXTINGUISHED The fire was extinguished on September 5th, 1666. Many fire buckets were used to put out the huge fire. In addition to that, they had to use a lot of fire squirts to spray water at the flaming houses. Lots of people contributed to the putting out of the fire, but one extraordinary, hard working man was King Charles II. Charles had left London when the plague was in London.When King Charles was notified about the disaster in London, he and his brother set out to the city. His brother, James II also assisted, but King Charles is the one known to have taken more action. The King ordered his men to tear down the houses in the fire’s path, so that it would not expand so quickly; there was strong wind blowing from the east which supported the fire. When the fuming flames  were finally extinguished, the King came back drenched and muddy. Right now, the whole London is looking up to King Charles; he had sacrificed himself for his people and his city. THE RESULT OF THE FIREThis tragic event has burned down over 13,000 houses, 90 churches, and 44 livery companies. In addition to that, it burned down the Royal Exchange and St. Paul’s Cathedral. 100,000 people are now left homeless, along with 6 dead. Fortunately, many people had escaped. People had tried to escape London by taking boats down the river. The people of London also piled their things onto carts to bring with them, hoping to save some of their belongings. Others buried their beloved things into a hole in the ground to try to prevent the fire from getting to it.People are slowly returning; they are coming back to rebuild London.


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