Bishop to lose her power over herself. At the

Bishop started to lose her peacefulness. In the
ending lines, the author tried to reassure herself that the loss of love will
not cause her to lose her power over herself. At the end of the poem, the author
is pushing herself on, and forcing herself to write the poem and pray that it turns
into reality in the end. Her inner fight comes all the way through at the end,
when she “explodes” and changes her tone. Bishop gives all the way in and
finally lets herself to start feeling the way her heart tells her to feel. It
is nearly as she is preparing herself throughout the poem to let inner,
emotional self out, and to finally acknowledge that she was lying to her and
readers as well about mastering a disaster. 
When readers take a deeper view on Bishop’s lines, they can see that there
is a connotative meaning in the opening statement as well. Bishop is trying
to accept a loss that she doubts by mainly accepting the loss of something that
is less significant. Bishop even proposes to practice losing in order to accept
loss and get rid of the disaster of being sorry. In one of the analysis of “One
Art,” unknown author claimed how her impeccable use of contrast in her writing
causes the lava of emotions when reading it. This issue of accepting something
and regretting is never all the way cleared for the author because she has to
push herself to express it throughout her writing. Bishop emphasized how
important it is to accept the flusters of a loss by constant use of somber tone
and creativeness of melancholic mood.

In “One Art,” all the elements of paradox, allegory, rhyming, repetition,
and conflict bring the meaning full impact and they add to the poem’s
unity. The harmony is seen in the paradox itself. The speaker is saying,
ironically, that no matter how much of a master of loss one becomes disaster
can still happen. The chain brings the speaker from denotative meaning to
connotative meaning. And all the rhymes and repetition show that the speaker is
in conflict with herself about accepting things that she wrote. Everything
comes to one point, and that point indicates that losses are tragedies regardless
of how much a person is ready for them. The 

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