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Best Free Standing Punching Bag for Home

Standing punching bags are the best tool by which you can train easily at home. Designed to provide you with a stationary target to strike, it also helps you to practice a number of different techniques. If you want to develop your techniques, precision, and stamina, you can opt for the best standing punching bag that you can easily buy online!

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There are different types of heavy bags from which you can choose. The most common heavy bags are those which hang from the ceiling. But this takes a huge space and as well as an effort to set up. This is when free standing punching bag comes into play. They are light weighted and are very easy to set! These are not hung from the ceiling. As the name says they are not attached to anything except a bottom base. As these bags are very light and movable they don’t give the same amount of resistance like the other heavy bags which are suspended for free movement.

When you strike these light weighted bags it bends back and then springs back to its original position. These bags are ideal for kids or women or any light striker as a heavy striker will knock it out with one punch!

These free standing punching bags are very soft and thus it doesn’t hurt your knuckles when you hit the bag. That is why these bags are best for beginners also!

Factors that you should consider so that you buy the best standing punching bags:

·         Size and weight: The most common complaint about standing punching bags is that they topple very easily! But you should always remember that these bags are not designed to take a huge impact. You should understand the amount of punishment that it can resist by seeing the size and weight of the bag. When you buy a bag which is very light it will be knocked over just by one single punch! But you will also find some heavy weight standing punching bags also!

But stay cautious of inflatable bags! They are terrible as they offer almost no resistance! Don’t buy one else you have to throw it out!


·         Design and function

The next thing which you should look out is the type of design of the bag. You will find a number of bags which are only made for taking kicks or punches, while others are used for grappling dummies and they can be easily knocked out!

This is why you should know your need and then only go to buy it! You may need to work on your punches alone for which you should only buy punching bags which serves this purpose only. And if you want to train for karate or Taekwondo, Muay Thai you should buy bags which can sustain hard kicking.


·         Price and your training goals

These standing punching bags are not cheap at all! It mainly depends on the size and also the type of fill of the bag. Don’t be tempted seeing cheap bags because these are made for kids only!

Before buying a standing bag you should ask yourself that for what reason you need a bag, whether you are trying to upgrade your power or striking speed or stamina.  If you are training for Muay Thai you should go for a heavy bag and if you are not going to strike hard for a light one.

Here are some of the free standing punching bag reviews which will help you to understand your need.


1.      Century Versus Flight Simulator With 10184B Base


Century claims that they provide the most versatile product in the market. The base of this product is very low profile which allows you to throw low kicks.  You will find almost three times the surface area in these punching bags when you compare with others!

They are ideal for stand up as well as ground training also.

The base is filled with sand and it weighs around 100 lbs. The dimension is 60 *10 * 10 inches.

These bags are also good for MMA strikers who want to train with a grappling dummy.  The weight of the bag is ideal for light strikes. If you are looking for a free standing bag that you can hit and also use for grappling you must consider this bag. It is the ideal product for persons who don’t hit with good force!


2.     Century BOB XL with base unit

If you want a free standing heavy bag you can go for BOB also! They look very realistic to give you more motivation! You can target to hit a specific part of the body also. This makes these punching bags great as you can learn to concentrate to hit on specific parts at a time. These bags are also very easy to move as they can be rolled around. You can fill the base with 270 lbs of water or sand.

These bags are meant for heavy punches as they provide more resistance than other punching bags. People are known to use BOBS for traditional martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate.

These punching bags are made of high strength plastisol and are filled with urethane foam

 These are ideal for you who want a heavy as well as a movable standing punching bag.


3.     Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

This free standing bag is a very big punching bag! It provides you to hit the entire range of body! These bags don’t require any adjustment like other bags and it stands tall at a height if 69 inches. It gives you an entire area to work on your motion. You can try out low as well as head kicks. But don’t try to hit the bag with a lot of force or else it will fall down. These bags are ideal for kids or people who are light hitters.

This bag is made up of vinyl which is very durable and is filled with foam. It weighs around 270 lbs. You can fill the base with water or sand. You will also get color options! The rounded base makes it easy to roll and to come back and stand at the correct place.



A free-standing punching bag is for people who want an easy setup. If you want to improve your punching skills a good and durable bag is very much essential for you. If you want to focus on your light weight training these bags are the best options that you can focus on. But if you want to improve more on your power you should go for hanging bags!

If you are novice start practicing with these bags and after that, you can shift to regular punching bags. Make sure that you check reviews of the bags before you buy. It helps a lot to understand your need and also the quality of the bag.



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