Benchmark dilemmas have small consequences that are easy to

– Ethical Dilemmas

            Ethical dilemmas are difficult
situations where one must take one of two moral decisions that are in conflict,
one which is wrong and one that is right. People deal with ethical dilemmas in
their everyday life. Some dilemmas have small consequences that are easy to
deal with while others have bigger, negative consequences. It takes great skill
in maintaining morality and good ethical decision making to assure that you are
making the right thing. Poor ethical decisions often lead to risks to society,
social injustice, and exploitation (Lindebaum, Geddes, & Gabriel, 2017). A
very common ethical dilemma in today’s society is whether having an abortion is
ethical or not and if it should be legal or not. In the following paragraphs I
will analyze the abortion dilemma by standards of the Christian worldview and
compare it with opposing point of views.

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            This case involves a mother who is
expecting a child after many years of trying. The mother, Susan, is delighted
with the news of becoming a mother. However, shortly after the good news she is
notified that her baby has Down syndrome. Susan’s doctors along with Richard,
an influential professor of evolutionary biology, are encouraging her to abort
the baby to prevent lifelong suffering of the baby and Susan herself. After
many years of trying Susan finally got pregnant, but she now has to decide if
having a baby will be worth it with the amount of attention the baby will need.
Aborting an unborn child is unethical in the Christian worldview, but Susan
wants to keep a balanced life with work and family. Down syndrome is a genetic
disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in an extra full or partial
copy of chromosome 21 (Clinic Staff, Mayo, 2017). Taking care of a child with
these disabilities requires extra attention and commitment, which will make it
a lot harder for Susan to maintain balance between her family and work. Susan
has to decide and do one of the following: Abort the baby which will be on her
conscience and is unethical in the Christian worldview or have the baby and
sacrifice her time and commitment to make sure that the baby lives a good life.


            Core beliefs are the things that you believe are
right no matter what other people think. One of my core beliefs is stated in
the sixth amendment, “You shall not kill” (NIV). An unborn baby is a life in the
making and if you abort, it is the same as killing someone. Only difference is
that the baby was not given a chance to come into this world. Also, you would
be messing with God’s plan for you by taking away the child that he had for
you. Even though abortion is accepted by many and legal in many parts of the
world, it is unethical in the Christian worldview and in God’s eyes.
            Another core belief is in
Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he
created them; male and female he created them” (NIV). God created all of us,
male and female. Women were given the responsibility by God to bring human kind
to life. This means that we do not have the power to end a life, no matter if
it is unborn or not because God created all of us and has a plan for each of
us. This means that not only would you be killing the baby but also God’s
entire plan for this baby. If Susan were to terminate her pregnancy she would
also be terminating God’s plan which is against the Christian worldview.


            Christian worldview’s suggestion for
resolving this ethical dilemma is for Susan to keep the baby even though it
will be challenging. Christian or not, Susan should not get an abortion because
she is not aware of God’s plan for her. Having a baby comes with many risks and
Susan is now experiencing one of those risks. However, she has been waiting for
a baby for years and now that she is blessed with one she should keep it.
Susan’s best option is to look for support on how to raise her child and give
the child the attention that it needs.


            Susan would be facing many consequences if she does
decide to keep the baby. Research has indicated that families of children with
disabilities, including Down syndrome, experience barriers in achieving optimal
family recreation (Young, Kyzar, Tolbert, & Huckaby, 2016). As you can see,
Susan will be very limited when trying to do things with her family. Not only
will the child not be able to do certain things that the family may want to do,
but the parents will focus too much on the care giving of their child that they
won’t have time for themselves. This shows that having a baby with disabilities
is not easy and requires lots of dedication and selflessness. Just like Jesus
Christ showed us selflessness by dying on the cross for our sins, Susan must do
that and live out God’s plan for her. Susan’s benefits are that she will now be
able to care for a baby that she has been trying to have for years. Jesus
Christ does not put something in your way without giving you the strength to
fight through it, which means that Susan will be able to care for her child
with Down syndrome with no problem.


            The resolution in the Christian
worldview is a lot more complicated than what Susan is being encouraged to do.
Susan will have to make sure that her child is filled with happiness and ensure
that the child is healthy. She will have to do this for the rest of her life,
because disabled children require extra attention. Susan will have to change her
life in order to accommodate to her child’s needs. Although getting an abortion
might seem the best decision to get out of this huge responsibility, it is
unethical and is also considered murder in the Christian worldview’s standards.




As you can see, ethical dilemmas
are things that we face on our daily lives. It is up to us how we face those
dilemmas and that will identify our morality. We have all kinds of arguments
these days and we have to decide if they are ethical or not. In this case, a
major ethical dilemma is whether or not getting an abortion is ethical
considering that the baby has Down syndrome. However in the Christian worldview
it is ethical to not abort and trust in God’s plan. This is because we are all
created in God’s image and we should all be loved and treated equally, no
matter our circumstances.



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