Being start exercising. Don’t delay it or postpone it.

Being in motion vs.
Taking action

We have thinking
that there is no difference between taking action and being in motion. But no,
both are different. Motion is something that you do but there is no outcome or
result, but actions will give you results.

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For example-
you think about weight loss, you do your research for the best gym, best, trainee, what you will wear,
when you will go, and everything else but these all are motions. If you really
go to the gym, follow diet plans then it
is action. There are no results from motion but action will show you progress. But
most of the people think that motions will give you results but no, it’s not
true. How planning and research will help you to shed few pounds of weight.

Another example-
so you have decided to read 1 book per month, now you have the list of 12 best
books for a year. But you are not reading it, so this is motion but if you
start reading any of the books then it is action.

So, how motion and action differs?

This is the
point where smart people make mistakes; they think that being in motion is being in action. It’s not like
that we don’t need motion, it helps us to
view the goals more broadly, we do research, we think, we reconsider it. But if
you want to see the results you have to start working on the plans. No matter
how hard you worked to collect the information it is useless until you utilize
it and start implementing it.

Sometime we don’t
want to be in action because we think that our results would not be that good,
or we are afraid of criticism. We don’t feel confident about our choice.

How to start

1-    Never forget your goals

Keep your goal in clear and straight in your mind. If your goal is to
finish the work until evening then just
start doing, don’t waste the whole time in planning.

2-    Set an
action day

Don’t just keep planning. If you are deciding to lose weight, then decide
a date to start exercising. Don’t delay it or postpone it.

3-    Pay attention

Sometimes we can’t differentiate between motion and action. It is very
important that you have a clear idea about the progress. If you are doing something
and not getting anything out of it then maybe you should stop it.

It’s not like that, being in motion is not important; it is important but
always staying in motion is not productive, you have to take actions to get
something productive. You have spent time, money, creativity; of course you
deserve a good result. Don’t be in motion, keep moving.


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