Being person proud of themselves, and therefore have a

Being healthy
is really important. Other than weight loss and physical health and less
chances of diseases, exercising and eating healthy affect your self-esteem and
mental health. Many people don’t link them to one another, but they are
connected. Being depressed can cause either extreme weight gain or extreme weight
loss, depending on the person. Some people binge when depressed and others
starve themselves. Since mental health and self-esteem affect the physical
health of a person, then the physical health of a person can affect the mental
health and self-esteem. When people are healthy it helps their self-esteem grow
and makes them feel more confident about themselves.

            Exercise helps people get more confidents in themselves. When
people exercise, they feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement for what
they did. And although exercise helps with self-esteem too much of it isn’t
healthy. Too much exercise will cause stress and anxiety to the person,
lowering their self-esteem. Other than exercise, having a good figure and being
fit, help through making the person’s self-esteem better, because it will make
person proud of themselves, and therefore have a higher self-esteem. Yoga and
meditation help a lot in self-esteem, since they bring the stress level of the
person down and help the person concentrate on nothing and forget all their
problems for that specific time. Moreover, if someone is facing a problem,
meditation and yoga would give time for the person to relax and empty his or
her mind before re-facing the problem with optimism, helping the person feel
more confident and have higher self-esteem.

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Eating healthy also
helps people have better self-esteem. The known quote ‘you are what you eat’ is
scientifically proven correct. Since food helps develop the brain and body,
then what the person eats will impact the body and brain positively or
negatively based on the food eaten. If a person eats junk food all the time,
then that person’s body will build itself using sugar and fat. These sugar and
fat will cause high blood pressure and will cause anxiety for that person. If a
person eats healthy person eats healthy food all the time, then that person’s
body will build itself using proteins, vitamins, and minerals. These proteins,
vitamins, and minerals will keep the immune system of the body strong,
decreasing anxiety levels (Anxiety is linked to self-esteem since people with
anxiety will eventually have low self-esteem). 

In conclusion,
being healthy, which is exercising and eating healthy food, helps the person
have less anxiety, be confident, be relaxed, and makes their immune system
strong, which gives them high self-esteem and a lot of self-confidence.

            The family health history
is very important since it defines the health of the family, the ancestors, and
the descendants. Other than that, it can also warn the person about some
genetically diseases or disabilities that may come in the future. These
diseases include; diabetes heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and the
stroke. The family health history will also warn people what to eat and what
not to eat and certain medication that they have to take to avoid or diminish
their chances of getting these diseases.


            Humans have a lot
of cells each one of them with a different function. Chromosomes are inside the
cell, and are responsible for transferring genetic information. Although there
are 23 pairs of chromosomes in each human cell, one pair is a sex chromosome (which
determines your gender) and the rest are autosomes. Chromosomes are made from
DNA, which contain the information needed to produce proteins, molecules which
determine the function and structure of the organs and cell tissue of the body.
Proteins are made of amino acids, which come in different orders in the DNA
creating the genes. An alternative form of the same gene (one from each parent)
is called an allele. The result of the alleles together creates the physical
appearance in each person. Genetic diseases are when there is something wrong,
a mutation, in the allele in the sperm or egg cell. Children can inherit the
mutation from their parents, and either get this disease right away or over
time and then pass it on to their children, or carry it and pass it on to their


            Now a-days, a lot
of genetic diseases are being discovered. One of these diseases is Down
Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a mental disease that can give infants a decreased
muscle tone, a flat face, slanted eyes, and other irregular physical features.
It can also cause heart diseases, Alzheimer, and leukemia. Another example of a
genetic disease is the Thalassemia, which includes the absence of hemoglobin, a
protein in the red blood cells. Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease that
causes the blood cell to change shape since the hemoglobin molecule is


            In conclusion,
knowing your family health history is very important since it can help you
avoid diseases that you may develop over time and your children may inherit.


Bonus: Compare three eating disorders in one table.

Name of





Weight Loss

Very little
eating and a lot of exercise

self-esteem and depression


Weight Loss

excessively then vomiting

self-esteem and depression


Weight Gain


self-esteem and depression


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