” been embraced by parents who feel guilty for

    ” It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings”, Ann Landers. Our world today is in a chaotic phase. People are turning into savage animals and one of the major contributing factors is the upbringing that we are giving our new generation. We are caught up in the falsehood that giving your children everything equates to love. No doubt we are living in the computer age and the world is progressing rapidly but with this rapidly growing technology, we are losing our values as well.

               We believe in modern upbringing. Majority people believe that if you give your child everything that their heart desires, no matter what the consequences, they’ll have greater self-confidence. What they fail to realize is that giving in to their whims is going to make them stubborn, intolerant and parochial. Spoiled kids often develop into self-absorbed adults with a lack of self-control and a major sense of entitlement. Sadly the phrase “spoiled brats” can be applied to majority kids today.

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                         Every parent wants the best for their child and it’s quite natural that they go out of the way to facilitate them. They want them to be happy and they replace their time and care with the showering of expensive gifts and luxurious things. The ‘Generation Give-In’ style of parenting has been embraced by parents who feel guilty for working long hours and don’t want their children to be bullied at school for not having the latest ‘must-have’ item. This will end up making them self-centered and demanding. “Kids raised to be pampered and spoiled don’t really end up being good leaders. Leaders need to be independent-minded and confident” Amy Chua.

                  The child who grows up with insensitivity becomes indifferent. He has no frame of reference on how to act. Without an inner guidance system, his values are subject to change according to his whims. One difference between kids who care and kids who don’t is their ability to feel remorse, to be bothered by how their actions affect others. Socrates once said, “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise”, it is more true for our generation than it was for the past ones. We need to prepare our children for the practical world where they’ll have to work hard to make the ends meet. “Helicopter parenting” is another dangerous concept that is practiced by us these days. We try to interfere in our child’s life and micromanage it because of the natural instinct to protect him. What we end up with are children who have become spoiled, self-absorbed and far too dependent on their parents as they reach young adulthood.    

                           We live in a decaying age. Young people today have lost all moral values. We need to go back to the basics. It’s critical to teach your child to respect others. Find the right balance in upbringing them because you are creating the new minds of this generation. You don’t need to become a strict disciplinarian to stop spoiling your kids. Just instill a strong set of values in them to make them ambitious, creative, hard-working and successful individuals.








Informal essay:

Our world today resembles a zoo. Everyone is using the other person for his personal gains.Why have we become so cold? What is the reason behind this animosity? Why are we intolerant compared to our ancestors? We don’t care about what others think or say as long as they get what they want. This philosophy is going to be the downfall of humanity. And our upbringing plays a vital role in shaping us to become who we are.

                     The parents of modern generation believe in giving their children every worldly good they can think of and while doing so they forget to teach him the true value of things. A kid who is used to having things served on a silver platter and will think that if his parents are doing so then everyone else should do the same. Parents fail to understand that what they are doing is eventually going to ruin the kid’s personality. And he’ll probably end up becoming self-centered, rude and demanding.  Parents claim it is ‘necessary’ for modern children to have televisions in their bedroom, handheld games consoles, laptops, and smartphones. It could give rise to greater problems. Not only will they be getting used to having the latest gadgets but they might end up misusing them as well which can jeopardize their future.

                         Looking at the class photos from the 70s we see that everyone was dressed up, but there wasn’t a brand name to be seen. But now we have become so self-conscious that the first thing we notice in a picture is the Nike swoosh, the Old Navy logo, the Lauren polo pony or the understated Hilfiger flag. Kids have become very conscious of name brands and only want the best. Many of us show our love by indulging children with constant praise, rewards and material desires. They need to be told no, to face consequences of failure in order to stand up. They are missing out on developing self-control. And if they don’t have self-control then they’ll have difficulty maintaining relationships and financial stability in the adulthood.

                      A strong work ethic should be instilled in the upcoming generation to help them build self-esteem and confidence in their strengths and abilities. Children thrive on consistency and structure. Therefore we should focus on having properly planned rules and regulations around in our homes. Let your children do whatever they want to do with their lives, and never force your opinion on them because they need to find their own place in the world. Give them the freedom to explore themselves.



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