Basically, the economic impact model, and the sport level

Basically, in Chapter1, the word “sport” is broadly
identified as all forms of physical activity which is through organized participation.
It’s supposed to be articulating or cultivating physical and mental fitness forming
social relationships, obtaining results in competition at all levels, gaining
the knowledge, locking in on the how much fitness it really entails, athletics,
and leisure. The sport industry is conceived based on: the setting in which the
sport occurs, the industry aspect of which various sports industries or administrations
could be considered, and the type of sporting events that exist. The three
models that describe the sport industry are the product type model, the economic
impact model, and the sport level model. The four unique aspects of sport
management are sport marketing, sport innovative financial structure, career
paths, and the power of “sport” as a social establishment. I believe sport
managers should obtain general, transferrable proficiencies to a specific organization
management, information management, and the ability to think critically. The
four unique aspects of a professional sport are Interdependence, Structure and
Governance, Labor-management relations, and role of electronics and new media.
Interdependence is teams competing and cooperating simultaneously, revenue
sharing, and the league “think” meaning teams recognizing the importance of competition
and making sure their competitors stay strong. Structure and Governance is the commissioner,
has Board of Governors, and they have central administrative unit. Labor-management
relations are free agency, the salary cap, drafting, and collective bargaining.
The role of new media is allowing teams to add revenue due to the new
opportunities at hand.  As far as the next
generation sport managers, they will face numerous challenges associated with technology,
ethnic accountability, social accountability, and globalization. Sport managers
of the future will be knowledgeable in the technical aspect of their job and
will be agents of change, challenging both in the management of sports and lager
humanity. What stood out to me is discovering how rapidly the sport industry is
growing.  The growth in the world of
sport is not only many new sports but is also in the increasing amount of chances
to participate in sports and activities, an upsurge number in a variety of
sport-related periodicals and social media platforms, enhanced mass media acquaintance
and source advertising of sporting activities, and growth in the number and
types of sport services and events. What also stood out to me is that I know as
professional teams in all sports move to the future, they will be face a lot of
adversity and opportunities that fall into four major categories such as
reasonable labor-management relations, developing new revenue, managing modern
technology, and dealing with globalization.


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