Basically Digital Network Architecture (DNA): Cisco DNA allows businesses

Basically after trying to know to more about Network Security
I found an interesting topic related to the incidents involving the security failure.
November 3, 1988, Cornell University graduate student created first computer
worm on the Internet, “Morris Worm “.                                        Ref: (

According to my knowledge the way of measuring computer
security was simply the basic controls such as anti-virus and firewalls. Today,
many organizations are controlled by such controls that are focused on the
practical use of good security practices. The open nature of the Internet makes
it vital for businesses to pay attention to the security of their networks. As
companies move more of their business functions to the public network, they
need to take precautions to ensure that the data cannot be compromised and that
the data is not accessible to anyone who is not authorized to see it. Therefore, it is very important to enable networks to support security
services that provide adequate protection to companies that conduct business in
a relatively open environment.

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Digital Network Architecture (DNA):

Cisco DNA allows businesses to innovate faster, reduce
complexity, and ultimately beat the competition.  It’s based on a consistency across platforms
that is simple to administer, operates without interruption, and ensures
security and reliability from the endpoint to the cloud. Cisco is
also unique in that it is the only vendor that can detect threats in encrypted
traffic without having to decrypt the traffic first.

Finally end users must be taught how to respond to antivirus alerts. This
is especially true in every organization an attacker doesn’t need to try and
bypass your fortress-like firewall, all he has to do is e-mail Trojans to a lot
of people in the company. It takes just one uninformed user to open the
infected package to allow the hacker a backdoor to the internal network.


Becoming a successful business is a difficult task, but sustaining
yourself is much more challenging. In today’s world of immense cyber security
risks it is really important for you to be pre-equipped with the security tools
and privacy enhancements that are needed to safeguard your most valuable asset
– your data.

Cyber threats will never be eradicated entirely, but they can
be better contained and understood, and their effects minimized.


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