Baba success. One of the biggest strategies is focused

Baba Ramdev along with Acharya
Balkrishna started their journey in 1995 by opening Divya Pharmacy to
manufacture and circulate free ayurvedic medicine. Subsequently gaining
popularity by providing good products they scaled up their operation and diversified
and opened the company in 2009. Initially, Patanjali Ayurvedic Limited(PAL)
started with focussing only on medicinal products but after success, they gradually
evolved and ventured into a different segment of cosmetic, dental and food
products in the year 2012. Within 5 years span, they become full-fledged FMCG
company. According to HSBC PAL is one of the fastest growing FMCG company in
India with Revenue of 1.7 Billion Dollar. With a compounded annual growth rate
of 64.7% (Wadhwa, 2015), Patanjali will become India’s largest FMCG by 2021
(Indo-Asian News Service, 2017). Such a big growth that too in short time is no
fluke but a great strategy involved in this success. One of the biggest
strategies is focused on branding. The company appears to promote a sense of
patriotism – “Indian-ness” – in its customers.



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