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Authors Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin already helped companies like Salesforce earn boost of growth.This book, From Impossible to Inevitable, describes how yo team up to share their statistic-systematic approach that has led to their high successes storiesThey have proven that taking a company from zero to massive sizes request more efforts than a good product. In this book, they show how you can grow your company through developing repeatable processes that will help to drive more revenue and increase your level of your business. But they also show the painful truths that entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers have been holding onto for too long and are keeping them from reaching their full potential.Bullet points from the bookPicking a NicheFirst part of book, aboutFirst part of book, aboutIdentifying a nicheReducing/focusing your offering or product.Working with Niche Matrix.Leveling up your elevator pitch2. “Build it and they will come” is a bullshitYou can have good product/software, but without lead generation, no one will find outThe success comes not only from developing sales and marketing processes, but also one of the key things is a Customer Success management. Customer success should be at the heart of your business strategy.By investing in customer success you can:Decrease your churn Increase revenueImprove your marketing3.  Growth exposes your weaknesses or fast growth can kill your business.From Impossible To Inevitable is all about scaling, and one of the core focus points of Make Sales Scalable, the third section of the book, is how to mount your team so that you are always hiring the right people for the job at the right time.At each stage—from small, to medium, to large, to huge—having the right people to execute the right strategy is critical. This goes double for sales. Get the wrong VP Sales at the wrong time, and your growth can quickly stall, and you’ll have trouble gaining any early momentum you picked up.If your VP Sales is your weak point, then that will have a severely detrimental effect on your company. It’s hard to deal with, but you will have to decide to move that person on and get the right salesperson in to do the job. 


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