Asia’s the auto expo because It became the most

largest Automotive show started its debut show in 1986. It’s a biennial show
take place in Delhi, India. It provides a platform to Indian Automotive
Industry to exhibit the new technology in this industry and its happening. At
present, it showcase its expertise and make the global industry to launch its
product in the Indian market. The show jointly organized by Automotive
Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), Confederation of Indian Industry
(CII) and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

a astonishing show as its own flaws in conducting the event. The one major flaw
is forecasting footfall for the event and the other is logistics issue in
bringing the automotives to the show.

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History of Auto Expo:

1996 auto expo was held in Delhi that time automotive sector was growing highly
and it was 3rd auto expo in India, along with this European Union
India Business forum was held in auto expo 
it was the most attractive event in auto expo. More foreign exhibitors
were present in that event and it was a huge market potential for future, Auto
players like Hyundai, Ford, Honda launched their new product in this event. In
1998 was the most important year for the auto expo because It became the most
important auto show of the world and it was granted Asia’s biggest auto show
and some were around 150000 people visited the auto expo per day. Only small
cars was important in this year like santro, indica were introduced and big
cars like Honda city, maruti Zen, Mitsubishi lancer and many more were
displayed  and one more important thing
in the event was indigenous automotive design house was appeared. In 1998,the event AUTO EXPO
happened at New Delhi legitimately world’s best auto expo show. It was the one
of the Asia’s best auto expo event. It is also the top event in terms of
exhibition and deputation. NO
of visitors per day = 150,000(approx.)

The event mainly focus on low priced or basic cars
like Hyundai-santro, Indica (tata) and Matiz, which has to target mostly Upper
Middle class people. At the year 1998, the number of consumers of automobile is
very less.Some other popular cars has showed like HONDA city, TATA Safari,
Maruti Suzuki zen, Lancer(Mistubishi), Ford ikon,etc (edition 1). the auto expo
1998 also observed the first impression of indigenous automotive house. The
event auto expo-98, created a record of no of participants (50) as well as the
no of visitors is 150,000 per day. Most of car producers like Hyundai, ford
choose India as their platform to develop the cauldron their own trend models
over worldwide.  The Master Blaster (God
of cricket) has participated in this event, as the part of MRF Brand promoter
at 22-01-1998.Sachin Tendulkar had appeared in this event at MRF Tyre stall.

the year 2000 Delhi auto expo saw more than 1000 exhibitors it was the first
time in history to cross 1000 mark and more than 20 countries exhibitors were
present and 25 new vehicle was launched. Delhi auto expo 2002  was more concerned on road safety and feature
and displayed various new technologies in terms of safety and along with these
environmental issues was also focused an alternative fuel options was present,
India tied a agreement with national alternate fuel training consortium of united
states and they provided the training to indian automotive industry about the
alternative fuel syatem. 1.5 million People visited the event and cars like
Toyota camry, skoda, fabia and Hyundai accent was showcased. Mercedes benz
attracted more visitors as it launched its new 7- series and M class SUV and
fiat gone with Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2001 formula 1 car race car. In
2004 auto expo hosted 840 Indian companies and 120 foreign companies and the
expo showcased the environmental impact, safety, design. Electronics, energy
conservation among other next gen technologies, as usual maruti Suzuki,
Hyundai, Tata motors, Nissan, Skoda were present and maruti introduced their
model S family Swift.

2006 auto expo more than 1000 exhibitors and 50 German companies were present
and the event was segregated in to different areas like commercial vehicles, 2
wheelers, alternate fuels, design and fueling and for the first time in history
vehicle simulators were showcased, around a million visitors visited the expo
and the revenue generated was around Rs. 540 Crore and – Some of the event
headlining acts included the Skoda Yeti Concept, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry,
Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid, Maruti Suzuki SX4, and the updated Honda FCX.  It was the 9th biennial auto expo
2008  and more than 1.8 million people
visited the event and revenue crossed 20000 crore worth of business. 2000
exhibitors were present and 65 manufacturers and 1900 component manufacturers
were also present. It was the first time that section was dedicated to diesel
technologies and most important car in the Indian history Tata Nano was
launched. It was silver jubilee edition of auto expo 2010  and 75 products were launched which includes
10 global launches and media from 19 countries were present and 2 million
people visited the event to see the some of the advanced global major cars. In
2012 Delhi auto expo 50 cars and 20 two wheelers were launched in which 10 was
international launches and 2012 auto expo confirmed that India will be the
future market  as concept vehicle was
showcased and 1500 participant from 20 countries were present in the event,
cars like Jaguar C-X75 and C-X16 concept, Audi A3 e- Tron were showed and some
big giants like Mini cooper, and Volkswagen Beetle, Renault Duster were also

Stimulus pack was announced in2008 which lead to a double digit growth to the
automobile industry. But there was an down fall in 2010 which made 2012 a very
prolonged year for the industry. Automobile industry was most affected by the
inflation and the increased interest rates. As a result the industry saw a
negative growth in the year 2013-14. So The Auto Expo 2014 is a very important
crucial event for the industry and for its growth.

12th Auto Expo – The Motor Show 2014, kicked off its first day at the India
Expo Mart in Greater Noida projecting a positive outlook for the industry. More
than 50 upbeat manufacturers showcased a strong product portfolio for the
coming year which will not only set the tone for FY 14, but will also provide
stimulus for a promising year ahead. The Motor Show 2014 received an overwhelming
response from the media. A total of 1800 media personnel were registered for
the event with representation from 20 countries. This was done through an
online process with barcode enabled photo identification. Overview of 2014 is
given in the Exhibit 1.

and Department of Heavy Industry, Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public
Enterprises had organised International Conference on Hybrid and Electric
Mobility on 7th February 2014 at the Auto Expo 2014. Eminent speakers from
India and across the world shared their perspectives on Global policy
experience on e-mobility, India’s experience in e-mobility and Global OEM
experience & value chain approach for xEV systems. The Motor Show 2014
special arrangements were made for differently abled visitors for their ease in
visiting the largest Auto motive event in the country. Arrangements like wheel
chairs handled by escorts, ramps and low poor buses had been made keeping in
mind the smooth transit to the venue. The pathways and hall setups had been
designed and structured to assist the movement of differently abled. More than
250 differently abled people the Auto Expo over the first two days and expressed
great delight on the special arrangements made. The vehicles launched are
depicted in exhibit 2

12th edition of Auto Expo – The Motor Show 2014 not only witnessed a record number
of visitors at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, but was a big hit on
mobile too. The official mobile app of the Motor Show witnessed over 32,000
downloads in less than a month of going live. The organisers of the Motor Show
launched the multi platform mobile application for the biennial automotive
event on January 16, 2014 for Android, Windows, ios and Blackberry users. The
app, ‘Auto Expo ’14’ in its essence was made to offer convenience to the
visitors by providing updated information about the Motor Show on their fingertips.
There are around 1 Lakh likes on Facebook, 3,000+ followers on Twitter and more
than 20,000+ views on YouTube channel. There was a good footfall in the year
2016 as per exhibit 3.

The Auto Expo 2016

expo was held in new location  Greater
Noida and most awaited models Jaguar XE Maruti ignis Skoda Superb Honda Accord
Nissan  X-trial and Tata Hexa and some
international giant include Bently, Maserati, Aston Martin were also present in
the event and next gen Innova were also present 2016 was most improved one
because of new location which is away from the city and that helped in
logistics of the event.

the first time the luxury cars approached to the Auto expo to exhibit their
cars on the show.

Potential of the market:

has a huge potential in the automobile sector in terms of exports as well as
imports. It contributes almost 8% of gross domestic product (GDP) for India.
India also encourages foreign companies to invest in India through its FDI
policy and other initiatives like make in India. (Exhibit 4) shows the chart of
the growth in automobile industry.

the majority of the revenue comes from the two wheeler sector (81% of the
market share), other automobiles like two wheeler, four wheelers (commercial as
well as private) and three wheelers contribute in significant amount.

sustain in the market, the industries need to understand the trends, economic
condition, etc of India and act according to it. The more innovative it comes
out, the better it sustains in the market. That rule applies to firms involved
in both import and export.

like Auto Expo are critically important for companies to show case their new
products or up gradation of their existing products. That makes their target
aware of its features, their availability besides having more probability that
1 out of 10 ends up in buying their product. It is not just the finished motors
that people are attracted to but the components which are more innovative and

the 2018 auto expo came up with two events which will be held at two different

expo-motors- greater Noida- 4 days (adding a day more, which is first time in
its history). 

expo-components-3 days (at Prahadi maidan, New Delhi- where usually auto
expo-motors used to happen in previous years2


previous years edition, it has several issues regarding selection of venue
which many companies felt it is too difficult to reach the destination
regarding the transportation besides the costs involved in it. Another issue
raised by them is that the crowd which came was too large than they expected
which led to non-proper management of crowd which was very disappointing for
many companies.

Other issues included are:

in forecasting the customers for the event. The companies resisting to display
their products because of the cost (cost of the space occupied for display,
transportation costs, taxes and other government interventions). At least six
automobile companies are likely to skip the biennial Auto Expo 2018, South
Asia’s largest show, as they seek to cut costs amid weak sales.

Few examples:

India Pvt. Ltd, Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd, Skoda India Pvt. Ltd, Audi India
Pvt. Ltd, Nissan India Pvt. Ltd, Ducati India and General Motors India Pvt. Ltd
(which is exiting India)  decided
going  against participation in the show,
 one executive in each of the companies
said, requesting anonymous.

Motors Ltd-controlled Royal Enfield, Bajaj Auto Ltd and Harley-Davidson India
Ltd skipped the show in 2016, saying high cost and inadequate returns and have
also decided no t participate in next year’s event.

Skoda and Volkswagen India spokesperson said the company will not participate
in the show. Emails sent to the other companies did not elicit any response
till press time.

top Participants are given in the exhibit 5.