Ashley the human race be any better off without

Ashley YokubinasMrs. RobillardAP English Language and Composition12 December 2017Where in the world would we be without polar bears?Or are you completely unaware? Would the bearded seals now flourish but the cod population only decline? Or are you only worried about your choice of an airline? Transportation continues to pollute our air Yet you barely seem to notice the affect it has our polar bears Could you even notice or would even care? That cubs being no longer able to survive is nightmare Their hunting grounds diminished, oh why? Will you even notice before they die? Can you see now they’re going to be eventually finished? If we don’t take actions to stop the diminish Polar bear’s ribcages are clearly visible through their fur coatsYet all you seem to notice is the warm environment on your boat Would the human race be any better off without the icy air?Man convinced he doesn’t need to careThe Earth cannot be possibly warming It’s only the Santa Ana wind warningAs it snows in Houston, Texas the conditions become direYet they forgot to notice California is on fireMan continues to drive their carsMercedes, BMWs, and Camaros driving farThe Earth has plenty in storeFor those who want even moreHumankind is not contained Nor is the contends of our brainsFires are larger than New York City and Boston combinedTo begin helping would cost no more than a dime Earth is warming haven’t you heard? Oh, this is just so absurd You’re too busy checking your phone Almost as living under a dome As you’re too busy to actually see The devastation that is to beThe world at your fingertips yet you haven’t heard The future of everyone at stake is inferredWe can’t endure these conditions any longer As hurricanes are growing stronger Communities are being taken out There is no time to doubt That the dry season is lasting longer Leading for fire risk to become larger Sea levels are beginning to rise Yes, you need to open up your eyes The water is reaching up to the sky However, most people won’t notice until it’s up and past your thighs There are discoveries officials are attempting to hide Yet science is here to thrive Hopefully there will come a day When all the animals can come to play Without humankind’s selfishness for wealth Our Earth would be in good healthIt’s time to change your waysIn order to live to see better days