“As not to marry Ganymede, she must marry Silvius.

“As You Like It”

Throughout history, many legendary plays always depict cause
and effect. In Shakespeare’s plays, he creates spectacular results for every
problem faced by the protagonist.  Imagine
if the actions you make can affect people’s lives in major ways. This was the
role of Rosalind in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It’. Rosalind influences Orlando,
the relationships of Phoebe and Silvius, and Celia and Oliver.

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First, Rosalind teaches Orlando how to act around a lady. Rosalind
was disguised as Ganymede with male looking attire so Orlando would not have
recognized Rosalind. Since Orlando did not know that Rosalind was Ganymede, he avowed
many embarrassing things about Rosalind to her. If she did not teach Orlando
how to treat Rosalind, he would have treated Rosalind improperly.  For instance, Orlando said to Rosalind “I
would kiss before I spoke” (4.1.76). Rosalind got Orlando’s ways of treating
women to evolve into accepting women’s mood swings.

Next, Rosalind gets Phoebe and Silvius together. This only happened
since Rosalind was disguised as a male and tricked Phoebe into it. She did this
by making Phoebe think she’s a male and she tells Phoebe that if she chooses
not to marry Ganymede, she must marry Silvius. She says “Keep your word, Phoebe
that you’ll marry me or else refusing me to wed this shepherd. Keep your word,
Silvius that you’ll marry her if she refuses me and from hence I go to make
these doubts even” (5.4.22-26). When Phoebe found out Rosalind was a woman, she
had to marry Silvius. She was immensely cherished about being with
Silvius all because of Rosalind’s actions.

Finally, Rosalind influences the relationship of Celia and Oliver. She
does this unintentionally by spending less time with Celia in the forest and
more time with Orlando. Then Celia found herself a lover by the name of Oliver.
Rosalind also sets up their wedding together with the wedding of Silvius and Phoebe,
Touchstone and Audrey, and Orlando and herself.

In conclusion, after all the assisting Rosalind has done to the
characters in this play, they venerate Rosalind. Rosalind influences
Celia, Orlando, and the relationship of Phoebe and Silvius. She does this by
disguising as Ganymede and teaching Orlando how to treat Rosalind. She
Convinces her best friend to come to the forest while in exile.  Finally, she tricked Phoebe into marrying a
shepherd named Silvius.



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