As issue and came across knowing migrant workers are

As the delegate of United Kingdom, I research this issue and came across knowing migrant workers are vulnerable to abuse by employers and government officials, among others, in both sending and receiving countries. The several abuses of labor and human rights range from discrimination and hazardous working conditions, to extortion, arbitrary detention, deportation and violence, including rape and murder. Where United Kingdom has ratified various conventions and resolutions to protect migrant women against violence, like the resolutions on Violence against women migrant workers 2013,2011,2010,2007, In emphasizing the obligations of sending countries to protect and promote the interests of their citizens and the obligations of receiving countries to ensure the human rights of all persons within their boundaries, the Resolution makes special reference to the vulnerability of women migrant workers. The Resolution was also adopted by the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Human Rights, both of which have started taking initiatives in encouraging member States to adopt and implement effective measures to protect women migrant workers. The Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted in 1979 and came into force in 1981. In 2004 this convention was ratified by the UK, with its purpose to eradicate violence against women.


Further Investigating the issue on violence against female migrant workers I came across understanding migrant workers are vulnerable to harassment by employers and government officials, across both nations who outsource and insource employees deal with discrimination against women. Mistreatment of labor and their human rights encourages hazardous working conditions and deportation of violence, including rape and murder. Women in the workforce are particularly open to face multiple levels of exploitation and lack security in domestic work.  

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Socio-economic situations in their home countries lead women, to seek employment in other countries, aiming to protect the human rights of women irrespective of immigration status including addressing the underlying causes of violence against women migrant workers in accordance with the ideologies of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.


Social care system cares for all women migrant workers, with all foreign citizens residing in developed states are entitled to free medical care. Not to mention, the Government of Russia is involved with the international refugee-protection regime and has donated monetary aid to the UNHCR in parallel with aid to developing countries.

According to The Federation, their aim is to accomplish the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development for action to address violence against women migrant workers is through education, distribution of information and awareness-raising. This outlines the need to eradicate all harmful practices, discrimination, and physical and sexual violence.


Education must extend towards educating policy makers, training for public officials, developing specific programmed for employment agencies on the rights of women migrant workers and strengthening labor inspections would enhance the means to identifying women migrant workers at risk of violence and increase their protection from exploitation and abuse. Education must spread towards the female migrant workers themselves, so that they are aware of their rights along with training legal protection.

Realizing that women migrant workers have unfortunately experienced different forms of violence: especially domestic and trafficking. As a result, a list of services has been included: confidential protection services which are culturally appropriate, hotlines, legal aid, trauma counselling and sexual and reproductive health.


Apart from this, a key change that must occur is the eradication of the failure of some States’ Criminal Justice Systems to differentiate between irregular migration and trafficking as victims of abuse become recorded, instead, as criminals. As such, it’s beneficial to implement international labor standards, where migrant workers have access to decent work and protection against violence as well as eliminate all migration policies that discriminate against women.


It has come into recognition that violence against women migrant workers is a serious crime, and violation of laws and regulations of the human rights contract. The issue has become a major concern across member states. 




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