As facial proportions do affect perceived age, which is

As mentioned above, Koreans give value to their beauty standards. In the K-pop business, visuals are highly given attention which is why it is one of the core ideas that is set in the minds of people. Globally talking, when it comes to facial features, many factors contribute to facial attractiveness. Both male and female prefer averageness and symmetry of faces because it is a sign of genetic quality and developmental stability. Faces with a clear complexion attract both genders. For men, they are highly in favor of feminized female faces because it reflects high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels which indicates a reproductively healthy woman. They also prefer light, smooth skin and strongly youthful-looking in women. Skin condition and facial proportions do affect perceived age, which is an element in attractiveness. On the other hand, as for women, in view of the ideal man, facial hair is undesirable. (Ko?ci?ski, 2007) A study that used linear regression analysis showed that age, health, and attractiveness of men can be predicted by coloration of the cheek skin part only. Older men were viewed as older, less healthy and attractive. The role of skin, independent of shape or other factors suggest that visible skin and skin coloration has a big role in the perception of men’s faces.  (Bunse D’Emiliano, Fink & Matts, 2012).On a deeper note, facial attractiveness can be judged through the visual information acquired in a short time, but the absolute level of attraction may change based on the length of the observation. Every part of the face contributes to the judgment of the whole face. Meaning, different parts of the face can change the whole-face attractiveness. Chihiro and Katsumi’s outcome of the study showed that eyes had made a consistently high contribution to the whole-face attractiveness and when the eyes are averted, the contribution of it had decreased. The other parts of the face contribute on the judgment of the whole-face attractiveness by forming aesthetic attractiveness and there is a dynamic interplay among social and aesthetic attractiveness. The overall results indicated that eye gaze gives social attractiveness in the early stage. (Chihiro and Katsumi, 2016) However, scientifically speaking, once a face is detected, the retinal image will be continually distorted because of the changes in the position of the eyes, noise, lightning, or any other factors. From a moment to the next, perception of a face is stable, and there is a debate if the perception of face attractiveness is also serially dependent. The study investigated about the continuity in the perception that used one-back effect as a marker. All in all, face attractiveness is biased in relation to the previous face attractiveness. (Alais , 2016) 


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