As and constituents of shop floor management, it exhibits

As shop floor management emerges from
the context of lean production, it certainly has links to many other lean
methods. The above-mentioned components themselves are partly known as
components of other lean principles like visual management and performance
management. For the reason that today’s research lacks a generally accepted
definition of shop floor management, some differentiation to other methods has
to be drawn points out the intersection with other managerial principles,
mostly connected to the fields of lean production. Links to performance
management, leadership systems, visual management, continuous improvement
process and systematic problem solving can be detected. Components which are
applied in the above-presented understanding of shop floor management are
displayed. In the intersections with those general principles, applicable
methods are specified. As one outcome of the analyzed objectives and constituents
of shop floor management, it exhibits great influence in the topics of Human Resources.
Nevertheless, in this field up until now, it is unclear by which means the specific
training or qualification of employees should be carried out. Techniques like
Training Within Industry focus primarily on supplying job instructions for a
quick adaption of workers but neglect the continuous development of the workers.
Hence, a white spot of how shop floor management can fill up this gap can be

The KPI’s are different in all the
four levels of the shop floor table and this KPI’s are the based on to get the
reach the target and get to the goal of their departments. As the KPI’s are
decided by the meister of that level but to reach the goal of plant manager all
the KPI’s are arranged in such a way and try to connect with those KPI’s which
help to reach the plant manager goals. To make those KPI’s visible and to make
the target reachable in an easy way the KPI’s are arranged in such a way that
it won’t take more time to visualize and come with the result very easy way. As
there are a lot of factors which are related to that the one is the cost center
where are all linked to it. As the money is the more important concern to run
the plant of any company and this is related to shop floor management too.

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