Aristotle without accepting it”. This quote can be proven

Aristotle once said “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain athought without accepting it”. This quote can be proven by The Matrix, directed by 1The Wachowski Brothers, by the character analysis of Neo. The Matrix is about a futurecivilization that is run by computers and is connected to the minds of its inhabitants.Robots have taken over the world and they wire human brains to a computer programso that they believe that this program, called the matrix, is their legitimate reality. Inthe film, Neo discovers the truth about how the matrix really works and this forces himto question the social norms. By analyzing this film, it allows us to interpret manyaspects of our life, in a similar way that Neo has. The Matrix forces us to question ourlives by guiding us to question: how does our world interact with the spiritual world,what is the truth, and what truth means?Every person in the matrix is oblivious to the fact that their experience is only afigment of their imagination and is not real. Their bodies are trapped in a destroyedworld in a tub full of red goo, but their brain acts and functions as if they are a part ofa functional society. The reason why the real body responds to situations in the matrixis because the brain and the body are connected. Since the brain controls the bodythrough nerve signals, the body responds and reacts to the messages being sent.Therefore, if the brain dies, the body will die. One example of this happening in TheMatrix is when Neo and Trinity kill the security guards when they are going to saveMorpheus. Since their brain has become impaired, their body can not function andthe body dies. Furthermore, this idea is similar when comparing our reality to thespiritual world. If we interpret our world as the real body in the red goo and thespiritual world as the matrix, many connections can be observed. One connection isthat G-d is similar to the matrix, since they both exist in the mind, making themreality. The philosophical theory of common sense realism explains that we perceiveour world and what we think is real based on what our senses have encountered.While there is a lack of physical proof of G-d, we use His presence in miracles toexplain his existence. This means, similar to the matrix, that we are perceiving thisworld based on what our minds have experienced, the same way that the peoplewithin the matrix believe that that world is real due to their senses. In addition, our


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