Ariel Jews were to weak to stay. If they

Ariel Reynolds                                   Nazi Experiments                                           1-17-18

English 10 

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history, there have been extremely evil doctors who have ruined lives, and even
taken the lives of some of their patients. The Nazi experiments may have been
really pleasing for some of the doctors who had performed them, but the people
that were being performed on had to fight for their lives. Those people had to
suffer and live in pain. Even though most of them gave up because they didn’t
have the strength to continue, some surprisingly lived.

Mengele, also known as “Angel of Death” and “Beautiful Devil”, is said to be
the worst and most cruel doctor today. Not only was he a Nazi physician, he was
also a German SS officer. Josef had decided what Jew were the best to keep as
prisoners; ones who were forced to work and live in horrible conditions. Then
again,  he had also decided what Jews
were to weak to stay. If they were too weak, they were killed. Josef in
particular was a doctor who found interest in learning and studying heredity.
He’d found so much amusement in experimenting that he decided to do experiments
on twins. Aside from these, he had conducted experiments on how to change eye
color, amputating limbs and attempting to reattach them, and sterilizing women.
(Grant, Paragraph 12)

widely know doctor today is Carl Clauberg. He was a German gynecologist who
conducted medical experiments, specifically in Aushwitz concentration camp.
In1942, Clauberg approached Heinrich Himmler, suggesting the experiments that
dealt with the sterilization of women. These experiments were by x-ray and help
conducted by Horst Schumann. During their time at Aushwitz, 300 women were
experimented on. Clauberg had eventually been arrested, released, and arrested
again. Unfortunetly, before his trial, he had
died. (Grant, Paragraph 7)

of many experiments performed is known as the twin experiments. Central leader,
Josef Mengele, had experimented on as many as 1500 sets of twins, only about
200 survived testing.  All imprisoned at
Aushwitz concentration camp. Mengele had hoped to find secrets of multiple
births. In the act of doing so, he had injected dyes into the eyes of twins to
see if there was a change in color. He had dispatched them with a single
injection of chloroform to the heart, and he’d sewed them together. This in
which Mengele did to create their own form of conjoined twins.(Tyson, Paragraph
5) Another experiment that had been conducted in Aushwitz is the sterilization
experiments. Although it had failed many times they did finally figure out a
way for it to work. The Nazi doctors performed radiation treatments. This had
made anyone with genetic disabilities, such as, weak mindedness, schizophrenia,
blindness, deafness, etc; sterile. Mengele, along with many others, forced
substances into a woman’s cervix or uterus. This bringing horrible pain,
bleeding and bursting spasms into their stomachs. (Tyson, Paragraph 10) Because
doctor Clauberg had successfully figured out how to perform this treatment, he
was ordered to perform artificial insemination experiments. He strapped the
patients down, injected them with animal sperm and had said that monsters were
growing in their wombs. (Tyson, Paragraph 11) Aside from these, doctors
conducted numerous horrific experiments. Such as ,experiments  with poison where the prisoners were shot by
poisonous bullets to test the potency levels of poisons. (Paragraph, 6)
Seawater experiments in which the patients were given nothing edible but sea
water for as long as three months. Due to the severe dehydration, it’s said
that they’d licked freshly mopped floors in hope of finding drinkable water.
(Tyson, Paragraph 12) Mustard gas experiments, where the doctors first burned
the prisoners and then tested the treatment for burns. (Sharma, Paragraph 7)  Bone, muscle, nerve transplantation in which
doctors removed a part of the patients body without anesthesia to learn if a
limb or joint could be attached to another patient who was missing that
specific limb or joint. The patients not only suffered from mutilation but
permanent disability. (Tyson, Paragraph 9) Head injury experiments where they
had hammered the heads of little boys, driving those children insane. (Sharma,
Paragraph 9) High altitude experiments where the prisoners were kept in
low-pressure chambers. These chambers had altitudes as high as 66,000 ft. This
actually caused the formation of tiny air bubbles in the blood vessels of a
certain part of the brain. (Sharma, Paragraph 10) Malaria experiments where the
Nazi doctors would infect the healthy prisoners with mosquitoes. (Sharma,
Paragraph 11) Sulphonamide experiments, where they had wounded the prisoners,
infected the wounds with bacteria, aggravated the infection by applying wood
shavings and ground glass, and tested the effectiveness of the anti- microbial
agent. (Sharma, Paragraph 12) Finally, the freezing experiment this in which
doctors put patients into vats of icy water or strapped them down naked outside
in the freezing cold.  After doing so,
they tried to warm their body back up with heated blankets. (Tyson, Paragraph

there were many deaths, some did manage to survive to tell their story. Heinz
Reimer, a Jewish survivor of several concentration camps, had given a report of
what had happened to him in several concentration camps. He had to undergo
experiments of terminal hypothermia and he was infected with various diseases
by Nazi doctors. Reimer had said, “Dr. Shilling infected me three times with
Malaria tropical bacteria. He withdrew from my body one and a half liters of
blood for serum experiments. He infected me with syphilis by inflicting a
12-centimeter cutting would to my leg. After this I had to undergo cures- I
counted 46 injections of Atebrin and other injections.” This alone shows that
Jews were truly tortured. Reimer had also said in his review that he was locked
in a glass cage for 2 hours by an “inhuman Nazi”, where mosquitos infected his
body. One time when he couldn’t handle it any longer, he tried to escape. For
doing so, he’d received seven days of strict detention and received 25 lashes
with a leather bullwhip. (Maltz, Parapraph 11 and 12) A copy of this testimony
had been published in a book on Nazi human experiments. Patrick Casiano, an
archivist at the CZA, had said “I was very surprised to discover it because
usually here at CZA, we deal with administrative and bureaucratic documents
that were in the possession of various Zionist organizations- never something
as personal and gruesome in nature as this.” (Maltz, Paragraph 9 and 10)

all of these past horrible actions, it’s easy to say to never stop believing
that something good will come to you. There’s always going to be bad times,
some worse than others, that you wish you could change but, as long as you
believe something good will come out of it then something will. God bless those
who had to suffer the horrible working conditions and experimentation in these
concentration camps. 


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