Apples colon. One medium size apple contains 95 calories.

Apples are considered
to be one of the most popular fruits in the world.  Apple has malic acid which keeps the skin firm
and enhances the glow. The presence of copper in apple helps to form melanin
which provides protection to the skin from harmful UV rays. Apples mainly
consist of carbs and water and have high percentage of sugars such as fructose,
sucrose and glucose. They are rich in fibers which are made of both soluble and
insoluble fibers called pectin. A medium size apple contains about 4gm of
fiber. Fibers help in losing weight, reducing sugar levels in blood and improve
digestive system. It is also rich in potassium which improves the health of the
heart. They contain vitamin C and other oxidants. The anti oxidants present

1.   Quercetin: This is a nutrient which
is responsible for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-viral effects.

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2.   Catechin: It improves brain and
muscle function.

3.   Chlorogenic acid: It reduces blood
sugar and causes weight loss.

Apples can
also reduce the cholesterol levels and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases
such as heart attack and strokes. Apple contains nutrients which protect
against cancer of the lungs and colon.

One medium
size apple contains 95 calories.


Calories                       52

Water                          86%

Protein                        0.3g

Carbs                           13.8g

Sugar                           10.4g

Fiber                             2.4g

Fat                                 0.2g


1.   They have anti-oxidant properties
which make the skin look fresh and young.

2.   They also contain elastic and
collagen which gives the skin a youthful glow.

3.   It contains nutrition and natural
fruit acids which cleans and provides protection to the skin.


1.   Cut an apple and grind it well till
it becomes smooth. Then apply this all over your face. This will give a fresh
sensation to your dull and tired face instantly.


contains vitamins like A, B, C and antioxidant property which protects skin against
damage and gets rid of dirt from the skin.


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