Apple was founded in 1976 in California by Steve

Apple was founded in 1976 in California by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Located in Cupertino, USA. The first computer released by the company was Apple I. But the first mass personal computer, produced in millions of copies, was the Apple II computer. From 1977 to 1993, Apple produced various models from the line 8 (later 8/16) -bit computers Apple II. Worldwide, more than 5 million Apple II computers were sold.1980 in the history of Apple was marked by the failure of the Apple III project, but in the same year the company held one of the largest in the history of primary public offering.In early 1983, Steve Jobs, unable to cope with the problems that occurred, invited John Sculley, president of the company, who at that time held a similar position in PepsiCo. In 1984, Apple first introduced a new 32-bit Macintosh computer. In the future, the release of computers in this series has become the company’s main business. For two decades, the company produced Macintosh computers based on Motorola processors, equipped with a proprietary operating system.Previously, other developers, Apple introduced a wide use of the graphical user interface and computer mouse. The conflict between Jobs and Scully in his views on the development of the company led to the departure of Jobs. He engaged in projects in the field of animation, as well as the development of a new company – software developer Next. Later Apple bought Next.By the late 1990s, Apple’s business had deteriorated sharply. By 1997, losses for two years amounted to $ 1.86 billion. The situation changed with the return of Jobs in 1997.In 2001, the company introduced the iPod music player, which quickly gained popularity and became the market leader. The success of the iPod was fixed by the launch of the online store for iPod content – iTunes, where for a small fee (on average $ 1 track) it was possible to purchase for listening as individual music tracks, albums, collections.In 2007, a revolutionary product entered the market – a mobile phone with an iPhone touch screen. The operating system of the smartphone meant the installation and use of various additional programs. In 2008, Apple launched the App Store, which sold apps for the iPhone. The App Store used a similar micropayment system similar to iTunes. By 2011, the monthly turnover of the App Store reached $ 250 million.In 2010, the market was released iPad tablet computer. The new product has formed and headed a whole segment of the computer market.In May 2011, the Apple trademark was recognized as the most expensive brand in the world (with an estimate of $ 153.3 billion) in the rating of the international research agency Millward Brown.In early August 2011, Apple became the most expensive company in the world in terms of market capitalization ($ 338.8 billion on August 10), ahead of the oil company ExxonMobil.The company’s revenue for the II quarter of 2012 fiscal year was $ 39.2 billion, net profit – $ 11.6 billion or $ 12.30 per share. The company sold 35.1 million iPhones and 11.8 million iPads. Quarterly sales of Mac computers amounted to 4 million devices, and iPod sales during the quarter amounted to 7.7 million.In August 2012, after winning a patent dispute with the Korean company Samsung, Apple’s shares jumped in price by 1.9% to $ 648.11, the company’s capitalization broke the $ 600 billion line.Over the years, Apple has repeatedly absorbed various companies operating in the IT market. Among the largest such deals are the purchase of NeXT companies (1996, for $ 430 million), P.A. Semi (April 2008, $ 280 million), Quattro Wireless (January 2010, $ 274 million), Siri (April 2010, $ 200 million), Anobit Technologies (January 2012, $ 400-500 million).


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