and one being the murder of his father, however,

and he is undecided. As a
man, he feels that it is his responsibility to kill Claudius to make him pay for
the wrongs committed one being the murder of his father, however, as a
Christian his moral knowledge acknowledges the fact that it is wrong to kill
another human being no matter what they have done against a person.  

divergent views of two distinct generations are brought to the fore in the play
signifying a tremendous change in the attitude and leadership style of the
current and probably future Kings which is among the themes that Shakespeare introduces
in the play. Hamlet is different from both his father and uncle who both
justify their wrong doings. For instance, Claudius is aware that what he is
doing is wrong and as a Christian, he knows that it will lead to hell but he
continues with his wrongdoings, but he is more concerned about being able to
remain in power and protecting his vast wealth. Hamlet is aware that he is
supposed to obey the commands of his father, which is killing of Claudius, which
in turn will result in two primary things. First, he would have avenged his
father’s death, and second he will be appointed as the King, however despite
the fact that the “benefits” associated with Claudius’ death Hamlet is not
willing due to the fear of doing something wrong.  

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influence of Christianity in regards to various decisions and the arising
conflict is brought to the fore. Initially, the community was in support of the
notion that it was the responsibility of the closest relative of a murdered man
to avenge his death. However, the society had embraced Christianity and was in
favor of mercy as well as forgiveness. Referring to the two beliefs in the play
brings about some empathy towards Hamlet thus he is not judged harshly for
being undecided on whether to kill or not to kill. It is vital to note that
even though Hamlet is driven by the desire to revenge his father’s death his
Christian beliefs prevent him from doing so. 


inability to swiftly make up his mind in killing Claudius is what makes him a
tragic character in the play. His failure to promptly turn all his ideas into
action makes him vulnerable of being killed by Claudius. However, as the play
comes to an end, the audience is left wondering what inspired some of the
actions by the protagonists in regards to different issues. Hamlet finally
changes his attitude towards some of the principles that he had followed his
whole life. For a long time Hamlet had been able to stay away from what is thought
of as dirty fighting, he can commit three murders and even manages to change
the content of the letters that had initially ordered for his execution.

tremendous change of behavior of Hamlet first comes about in the scene in which
he casually explains how he had managed to escape death and send Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern to be executed without their knowledge to Horatio who is
visibly shocked. Hamlet, on the other hand, is not disturbed at all and
counters Horatio’s surprise by articulating that they were aware of the danger.  
Hamlet thus transforms from an individual who at one time valued life to an
individual who can casually rationalize cold-blooded betrayal and murder. He
even makes it his responsibility to correct all the wrongs carried out by his
Uncle. Just like in any other play various themes come to light such as:

The fact that all human
beings at one time or another will have to die is discussed right from the
beginning of the play. After the death of his father Hamlet is left pondering
about various issues related to death and the things that happen after an
individual dies. In that aspect, Shakespeare obliges the audience to accept the
fact that death is inevitable no matter what social status an individual holds
in the society. The play also discusses the fear that most people have in
regards to the uncertainty of what happens after an individual dies and not
death itself. At the end of the play, approximately eight of the main
protagonists die either after being murdered or committing suicide the question
that is not answered is what happens to the people who commit suicide.

It is important to note
that in the entire play there are only two women whose names are mentioned;
however, their effect on the other characters in the play is immense. Hamlets
mother Gertrude is brought out as a woman who is easy to convince and is
desperate to find solace. Hamlet is concerned and loves his mother, but he is
of the opinion that she remarried too quickly, which he interprets to mean that
she did not love his father. The marriage of Gertrude to Claudius can be determined
to have influenced Hamlet negatively, as he becomes too wary of women thus
making him careful with his relationship with Ophelia. However the issue of
whether the women in the play deserved to be treated as they were cannot be
vividly certain as it is bound to bring up varied opinions.

There is always a
constant struggle among human beings when it comes to fate and free will. In
the play, Shakespeare seems to suggest that the choices that individuals make
ultimately have some effects on some events later on in life. For instance,
Hamlet agrees willingly to take part in the duel that eventually leads to his
death.  Hamlets character in the play is brought out as great Christian
who does not allow fate to shape his destiny but making sound decisions. In
various occasions, he refuses to consent to fate. He is aware that he is
obliged by his father’s ghost to avenge his death. However, he relies on the
Bible for guidance, which articulated that it is not right to kill another
person even if they are evil like Claudius. Indeed Shakespeare is one of the
most renowned play writers whose work has been appreciated by people from
different parts of the world. One of the plays that he has written is The
Tragedy of Hamlet, a story which revolves around a young Prince by the name of
Hamlet who is asked by his father’s ghost to avenge his death by killing
Claudius. The play is one of the plays that is considered as most influential;
it is also vital to appreciate the fact that it is the longest of all the plays
written by Shakespeare. Other aspects make the play to stand out from the rest
apart from the length.


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