And isolationist sense of a national identity, this country

And even though there are
many people in the U.S. who use the languages taught in the nation’s schools in
their homes, Americans are said to be part of a monolingual society (Alden,
2012).  Because of the United States’
history and isolationist sense of a national identity, this country may have
become the source of a monopolistic world language and “devoutly monolingual” (Coyne,

a second language is unproductive and a veritable waste of time, particularly
if a person has no intention of traveling to a country where that language is
spoken, or will not be seeking a career where such knowledge will be
advantageous. Nearly ninety-five percent of the world’s seven billion-plus people
speak only one language (Farmer, 2017). People as a whole seem to do quite all
right being monolingual, just as are most of the U.S.’s population (as long as
that language is English). Many of these one-language humans are successful in
their chosen professions, lead happy and productive lives, have families and
friends, and even travel to other places, fairly oblivious to the fact that there
are others speaking different tongues and expressing themselves in a multitude
of ways (Alden, 2012). So, if more than nine of ten people in the world can
make it through life speaking only one language or dialect, why should American
students be compelled to try and learn a language other than English?

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who claim that foreign language-learning is so very important and beneficial can
never seem to agree on which language should be learned.  While English seems to be the most
widely-studied, it is not the most widely-spoken in the world. It is third,
behind Chinese and Spanish (Caruso, 1996). Others still prefer French (the language
of love) or German. Chinese is very fashionable these days but, like many
languages, Chinese is complicated and takes an incredible amount of time to
become proficient, never mind to master. 


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