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An intervention program was designed for Marvin to address the occurrences and the frequency of a migraine. The intervention aimed to reduce the pain experienced by Marvin and to minimize the incidence of its manifestation. According to the assessment, it is evident that Marvin is experiencing the migraine after a lot of pressure and too much activity. Furthermore, it has been established that the disease results from the onset of stress, anxiety or shock experienced by Marvin. Therefore, an intervention strategy had to be initiated to address these issues. The plan adopted was to apply abstinence augmented by analgesics and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) drugs. Abstinence ensures that Marvin practices self-control to avoid the predisposing elements of the disease, such as overworking himself, pressure, stress, anxiety or depression. Analgesics and NSAIDs help him to lessen the ache he feels whenever a migraine begins. It will help him to relax and recounts his normalcy by remaining calm.The design applied was simple baseline since the behavioral change was being implemented once at a specified period. Abstinence behavior was recommended for Marvin because most of the causal agents of a migraine are the things he is doing. For instance, the time he studies should be reduced to at most 7 hours of study. He should excuse himself from the class whenever he feels he’s reaching the top activity. Additionally, he should abstain from engaging in anything that causes anxiety, depression or shock. He should not live at higher places without elevators, but preferably on the ground floor, to avoid overworking himself. The behavioral change has a different motivation than that of the disease since it involves the pursuit of health. It was measured through observation after every week to ascertain the improvement in the prevalence and pain. Measurements were also done after a month to establish if the occurrence of a migraine decreases.Implementation and EvaluationSingle baseline measurements of the abstinence went according to plan because it was done after the first week. However, there were problems at the start of the activity since the teaching activity was taking many hours, which could amount to substantial work for Marvin. It was hard to observe how Marvin was progressing since he was busy with the classes. The only time for observation was when he was free and when in the hostels. Three interventions programs were achieved in a week, which amounted to nine instances in a week. Nonetheless, evaluation was done in the days the intervention was made, after every week and a general observation after three weeks.The intervention strategies demonstrated that it was successful as per the incidences of a migraine on Marvin. The frequency of the disease reduced from the counts of 3 or 5 to 1 or 2 in a week and the pain was minimized by the drugs applied. The reading activity of Marvin reduced thus lowering the pressures he was often facing. The pain of a migraine decreased; therefore, he could read to an absolute limit with less pain. Additionally, abstinence enabled him to escape stressful and other predisposing factors thus regulating the instances of a migraine. The behavioral change brought change to his health and was even efficient than the use of the drugs. The reduction of the frequency of a headache means that the abstinence was able to manage any activity undertaken by Marvin.  


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