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    An experience that I’ve had with empathy was with my 6 year old sister. Me and my sisters relationship with each other has always been on and off. One day she’d be mad at me and a hour later she’d try to and play with me. I never really understood how she works. One day my cousins were over and my cousins are more physical and weren’t as sensitive because they were raised differently. So my cousin who was also 6 years old was fighting with my sister about a toy and I could see the whole thing from the other room. My cousin started yelling and my sister ran into her room crying. The reason she was crying was because my parents aren’t big on yelling (at her) unless she does something major. In that situation I could feel what she was feeling and I frowned at that. I felt empathy for her.
    When I went to Turks and Caicos I got to see the outside world more. When I was told that my family was going there I didn’t know what it was. I had actually never heard of it. I looked it up and I saw was pictures of nice beaches and resorts. What google failed to inform me of was the poverty on the island. When we got off the plane it was super hot. We got a taxi to take us to the resort we were staying at . Once we left the airport I saw the way people were living. I was surprised that I hadn’t seen or heard of it. There were abandoned cars on the side of the road and collapsed houses. For the rest of the trip it bothered me
    Something that was a dream of mine was something that everyone hopes to do. To get a job that has to do with something you love and enjoy. My dream wasn’t as big or historically impacting as John Lewis’s, but it was a bit difficult to achieve. For a very long time I have been into clothing (specifically shoes). I used to see the latest releases and think about how when I got a job and the first thing I spend my paycheck on would be a nice pair of shoes. I was thinking this for quite some time and I was never good at saving my money, as a result I could never buy the shoes I wanted. I would sometimes see people on YouTube that customized and sold their shoes. That’s what really made realize what I wanted to do for now. They are my main motivation and my inspiration. I was also a fan of art at the time. I thought that I would do that as I got older. When I did get older I never had any money. Legally I can’t get a job so I started to try and think of ways to get money. I could never shovel driveways or mow people lawns because of where I lived. I thought about the people I’ve seen that buy and sell shoes and how much money they have (that was before I realized they get money from YouTube). I waited a year until I would get money from my birthday. The whole time I was waiting for my birthday, I was studying the market. I looked at what sold and what types of shoes where the most popular. When my birthday finally came around I looked around the market for what I should spend my money on. I was extremely lucky to find a pair of shoes for $80 and I flipped those. I continuously did that until present day. My dad has really helped me with the  whole process of the whole thing. I have learned a lot from my experiences and now I am in a better financial spot and I am more financially responsible.
    A time that I was tempted by violence was when a kid was repeatedly calling me names. He kept following me and calling me names and wouldn’t stop so I got mad. No one around so it was just us. He got me so mad where I got to the point where I took his bag and threw it down the hallway (it was pretty long). His yogurt then exploded on the floor. I didn’t really get in trouble because we were the only ones there. I probably shouldn’t have done it. I could have walked away but after a certain extent I just stop listening to my self and just take action. If I somehow walked away from him, yogurt wouldn’t be on the floor. I could have handled that better but I guess I got caught up in the heat of the moment.