An Ford subcompact super seller. This car was simple

An enormous amount of import cars were flooding the market in the 1970s, and yet the only car in the North American that Ford had was the Maverick. That’s when the Pinto created by Lee Iacocca’s design and  parameters for the Ford subcompact super seller. This car was simple and only weighing  2,000-pounds at a price of $2,000.The Pinto earned complaints not from underpower horsepower, horrible handling, unstoppable brakes or any combination of the three. The real reason was  it was the rear-mounted fuel tank and a solid rear axle. When this car was in an accident the rear axle housing could make contact with the fuel tank which lead to fuel spillage and fire.The Ford Pinto met federal safety standards, yet it had a design flaw thatresulted in serious injuries and deaths. Is simply meeting safety standards asufficient product design goal of ethical companies? Ford being out sold by imports had to plan a  launch of a lightweight car that was reasonable and easily affordable. The automobile manufacturers would always try to meet the safety standards. These companies would hold off on safety features because it cost money. Since it required money it would raise the cost of production and this rise would have to be passed to the customers. This would price the vehicle out of range for the masses.  Since Ford didn’t meet all safety standards, it meant that people were not safe. In many accidents, people got injured or get killed because the lack of safety. If the Ford Pinto only met these standards they would have stayed on track as being ethical.  Gioia uses the notion of script schemas to help explain why he voted to not initiate a recall of the Ford Pinto. In your opinion, is this a justifiable explanation? After reading the case study Mr. Gioia’s showed a lot of courage.  To speak out against a major corporation with his thoughts was courageous.  He could only do so much with the amount of red tape he had to cut through. Many lives were lost and I would not call it justifiable based on numbers. I believe he thought the same thing on not calling it justifiable either. How can organizational context influence the decisions made by organizational members?  The board members are making decisions which the policies and procedures are defined in an organization. These policies and procedures are designed to be strategic, tactical and operational to gain a comprehensive understanding. Employees of an organization depend upon the context which organization has set. The company ignores the facts of the incident or will order a call back of its vehicle to be fix. The right approach will decide the outcome and where company wants to see itself.If you had been in Gioia’s position, what would you have done? Why? This is a simple and straightforward answer. No matter how you slice and dice it the design flaw led to deaths and a recall should have been initiated. Describe the four key decision- making lessons that Gioia identified forneophyte decision makers. Discuss how you expect or intend to use thesefour lessons in your own career.Mr. Gioia teaches us to learn from his mistakes through his four decision-making lessons. One of the key decision making is that one needs to develop a strong ethical base early on. It is often said that if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything. After reading the case study a few times he made me  believe this is the point he is trying to make with his first lesson. I have been around the block myself and have learned a great deal. A big part of this comes with experience. In closing,  the author knew his job duties and the Ford culture influenced him on his decision making. Could i conform to the Ford ways, yet I find that I do conform in subtle ways at my company’s rules. In my case, they are not necessarily difficult to follow. 


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