America’s of three, Bush’s younger sister died, due to

America’s 43rd President is George W. Bush. July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut Bush was born. Along his five siblings,he was raised in Midland and Houston, Texas. In 1958 at the age of three, Bush’s younger sister died, due to leukemia. From 1968 to 1974, Bush was in the Air Force. In 1977, he Laura Welch were married. Bush was blessed with twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, on November 25,1981. In 2001, he won the Republican Presidential primary and became our 43rd president.Organized in 1977, Arbusto Energy was an oil and gas exploration firm established by George W. Bush. Operations for the company began after his failed attempt to run as Representative for Texas’s 19th congressional district in 1978. The company received private investments, the following year, that helped begin raising funds for the oil exploration. Bush decided, in 1982, to start providing public drilling partnerships. Sadly, it was difficult to raise subscriptions. The firm thought that changing the name of the company to Bush Exploration would gain more customers, but they were wrong. Since the company did not succeed as much as they wanted to in the drilling program, Arbusto Energy joined with Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation in 1984. Two years later there was a rapid decline of oil prices made it difficult to find investments, this created difficult finances in the company. The new company, Spectrum 7, started to seek partners. Later that year, Harken Energy obtained the company through a stock swap. At that time, Bush joined the board of Harken directors.Two years after Harken Energy purchased Spectrum, Bush learned that Fort Worth oilman, and family friend, Eddie Chiles was going to sale the Texas Rangers in October of 1988. In April of the next year, Bush assisted forming a group of partnerships to use $89 million to purchase controlling interest in the Texas Rangers. He convinced the syndicate to make him a managing general when he bought a small portion of the Rangers. Bush bought the small portion of the team by borrowing $500,000. Roughly a year after that, Bush also bought the ownership stake of the Rangers. He bought another ownership interest in 1992. The new investment made his total financial investment $606,302. Bush resigned from being the managing general partner of the team in December of 1994.In 1992, Bush decided to run for the governor of Texas, after his father lost the reelection to Bill Clinton. Two years later, he ran against Democrat Ann Richards as a Republican. Bush won the election by three percent and became the first son of a United States president to be a state governor. His campaign focused on four main topics: welfare and tort reform, education improvement, and juvenile justice refinement. In 1998, Bush became the first governor to be elected  two continuously four-year terms in Texas. While he was governor, he earned a reputation for bipartisan governing. Bush had to work with Democrats and realized that they liked education ideas. So, he decided to use educational ideas to win over some of the Democrats. One of the ways Bush dealt with education, was by connecting student performance to teacher salaries.Bush was elected for President in 2000 and his term was from 2001 to 2009.In his first year of office, terrorist hijacked four planes. The airborne terrorist attacked the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. As a result of the attacks, there were 2,996 casualties and over 6,000 other people injured. These attacks took place on September 11, 2001. This tragic event transformed Bush into, what many people call, a wartime president. Being a wartime president caused Bush to hold off on his plans for office. He had to decide how to quietly take down suspicious planes. Bush decide that pilots would order the planes to land. Any planes that did not do as instructed, would be shot down. Bush believed that it did not matter what this action would cost, even if it was taking down a plane with passengers on board. He believed that taking down a plane could save many lives. The attacks of September 11, 2001 led to Bush’s foreign policy against international terrorism allowed the United States to place “the world on notice that any nation that harbors or supports terrorism will be regarded as a hostile regime.” In 2001, George Bush created a education development bill called No Child Left Behind (NCLB). The bill was signed into a law on January 8, 2002. The NCLB Act was a renewal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Law. The Act required states to test students in both english and math from third to eighth grade and once in high school. By the 2013-14 school year, states were mandated to lift all students progress to the “proficient level”


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