Although later years of his career. Lennon stripped off

there was not such a wealth of equipment in The Beatles at the time, quite a
lot of guitars were used by the musicians. George Harrison was particularly
active in this respect, known for his sonic experiments. Let’s start with
Rickenbacker 360/12, a twelve-string electric guitar, on which George played the
introduction to the song “Hard Day’s Night” and a few other classics,
including “I Should Have Known Better”. A few years passed before he
felt confident as a


but he was always able to come up with the original sound. For pop songs like
“Norwegian Wood” (“This Bird Has Flown”), he added a sitar,
introducing The Beatles to the psychedelic trend. In addition, he used fuzza in
the songs “Rain” or “Paperback Writer”. It does not matter
if he played rock in “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, or the
simple inserts in the song “Old Brown Shoe”, his parts were always
played perfectly and had a perfect sound.

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John and Paul, the most important are lyrics and music writing. The guitar is
only a means to achieve the goal,” George said in an interview he gave in
the 1960s. “When they are making up new melodies, I have an evening for
myself and I can just strumming on the guitar, I’m a guitar fanatic, I’m
fascinated by the sounds that can be extracted from its various models. ”
George mainly played black guitar Gretsch Duo Jet from 1957, and Paul on bass
Höfner 500/1, which became his trademark. John and George also had Gibson
J-160E guitars that they ordered at the Music House Rushworth store in
Liverpool. Both were equipped with single-coils on the neck. The band also
decided to replace the old amplifiers that he used in Hamburg, because the
technicians in the EMI studio broke down when they saw the condition of the old
musicians’ equipment. So they ordered new Vox AC30 amplifiers.


Lennon was faithful to his Rickenbacker and McCartney Höfner (he played on this
bass throughout the band’s lifetime), Harrison was always looking for something
new. In 1963, he bought two Gretsch Country Gentleman guitars in London and
sent his Duo Jeta to a well-deserved rest. In the mid-1960s, George began to
search for a guitar that would inspire him. He bought Gibson SG and just as
John and Paul started playing the Epiphone Casino guitar – it was probably the
most important guitar of the band in the later years of his career. Lennon
stripped off the varnish of the Epiphone guitar and played on it until the band
disbanded in 1970.


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