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Although I will be focusing primarily on the harms of social media, it is important to
recognize that there are numerous positive aspects associated with social media usage. Social
media offers the ability to form a group for like-minded people to work together. Social
networking sites help students do significantly better in school, primarily through utilizing
connecting with each other on school assignments and collaborative group projects outside of
class. For instance, Facebook allows students to gather outside of class to exchange ideas about
. Some schools successfully use blogs as teaching tools, which has the benefit of
reinforcing skills in English, written expression, and creativity. Social media is also an excellent
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marketing tool. Since there is an exponential user growth in social media, companies use this
platform for product marketing through advertising, where they promote brands, discuss features,
and create awareness. In fact, advertising is the main scheme social media companies use to
generate revenue stream to sustain their operation. In addition, social networking sites are used to
spread information faster than traditional news outlets or any other form of media. Everyday
examples of social media sharing are seen in the emergency amber alerts we receive on our
smartphones reporting the missing persons’ photos we see on social media sites. The amazing
fact is this news comes directly from others who have experienced it firsthand. Examples of
rapid social media sharing occurred in events such as the movie theater shooting in Aurora,
Colorado in 2012, the Boston marathon bombing in 2013, and the death of Cecil the Lion in
Zimbabwe a few weeks ago. In all these stories, social media caught word quicker than local
news outlets and created awareness giving a voice to the victims of these tragedies. The Boston
marathon bombing in particular is a good example of social media rapidly sharing information.
After the event, the FBI released photos of the two suspects and the photos immediately went
viral on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Social media was used to form groups in which people
posted photos and information pertaining to the case. This phenomenon is called crowdsourcing
or crowd sleuthing and eventually the whole country was on the watch; there was nowhere the
perpetrators could hide. Before the week was up, one suspect was found dead while the other
accomplice was placed in custody. These are few of the many benefits of social media.
One of the most popular social media sites, Facebook, has 1.4 billion users around the
world, nearly a fifth of the world’s population, thus helping us to better understand, learn and
share information instantaneously making the world look like a small village. However despite
these benefits, social media has brought about detrimental side effects to society. Throughout
this article, I’m going to discuss three main points, which I came across during my research:
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social media and psychological issues, social media as a tool for criminals and lastly the link
between social media and criminal activities


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