Almost humans case also our difficulites in life give

Almost everyone have a spirit animal which helps them knowing more truely about themselves, these animals perfectly reflects their personately. Your spirit animal helps you discover yourself much better. Butterflies are one of the most struggled insects, even they have struggled while borning too. The struggle in their life is mandatoy because they don’t struggle their wings would not be strong enough to fly. In humans case also our difficulites in life give us the strength to start our life from a new way and reach success. The people that have butterfly as their spirit animal are joyful, bright and cheerful. Butterfly people are more hopeful and always look for the ways to become better. Butterflies shows us that change is important in everybody’s life. Butterflies teaches us that you can go through the darkness but still can come out as such a  beautiful creature. With the butterfly as a spirit animal, you have the ability of changing yourself, you stay hopeful even in the most difficult situations. You are friendly and you always want to be happy, active and colorful. You have the ability of putting  a smile on people’s faces. So, just spread your wings, fly high and maintain that high balance. Make the impossible possible. A butterfly symbolizes the change, creativity, joy, the soul, freedom,and colour. The change is something that is important by the time as you grow, so as I am growing older the change in my life is increasing the change of responsibilties, getting better grades, secure future etc. These changes makes a lot of  differences in your life. The biggest change of my life was that when I moved to America, this changed my whole life in a good way like when I came here I wasn’t as much confident as I am now. It helped me in improving my English and becoming more confident. The decisions of your life are so important so you should always take decisions with a cool mind because some decisions can change your life. For me, moving to America was difficult because I had to leave a country where I lived 14 years, so it wasn’t easy for me. But now it’s fine. I was also excited to come here as I was curious about seeing a foreign country and my experience is just amazing.


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