Alienation workforce when in a capitalist society the workers

Alienation is process in which individuals
have become foreign objects in the society, and to themselves. Marx argues that
this happens on account of the workforce when in a capitalist society the
workers are unrelated to that of work does not benefit he or she directly but
another society. The workers dense connection to the work produced is due to
the fact that even in hands own production he does not own the fruits of labors
therefore, alienating them from it. The workers fall in the class of the
laborer’s underneath that of owners which can be referred to as the bourgeoisie.
The workers gain little and lose much in a system in which the capitalist
owners gain maximum profit and the workers get a small hourly wage for the labor.
Marx says “but what does wage-labour create any property for the labourer? Not
a bit. It creates capital which exploits wage-labour. (p.375)” The very labour
that the workers have succumb to continues to create more power for the higher
ups which in turn continues to grant them the authority to exploit them through
minimum wage-labour.  

Marx details a few different components in
alienation the first that we’ll go over is the process by which the worker is alienated
from the product one produces. When a design of a product to be made the worker
or consumers are not the chooser of the look or marketing, but the capitalist
owners. The capitalist converts the workers labors into concrete product, which
are set out to yield maximum amount of profit versus the workers being paid at
the lowest amount possible for their work. Marx goes on to say, “The average price
of wage-labour is the minimum wage, that quantum of the means of subsistence,
which is absolutely requisite to keep the labourer in bare existence as a
labourer. (p.375)” This further alienates a labourer from that of the product
due to the low connection in which the production of the product actually
benefits their lives. The system is not mean for the labourers to reach the
status of the owner or realize their own capabilities. Marx also referenced
religion in his examples of alienation. Marx said “God has usurped man’s own
position. (McLellan, p. 106)” Marx
quote regarding religion is precisely pointing out that religion is another
form of man forfeiting themselves to something away from what is essential to
their being. Essentially in all of these different forms of alienation Marx
explains, man has submitted to something other than themselves therefore not
being control of their own ways.

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In present day Marx theory of alienation
still stands. The notion that man in a capitalist society is exploited through low
hourly wage by the capitalist owners still stands today. Man, still do not own
the fruits of their labor. Marx argued that the ridding of the divisions of
labour would push away alienation due to the fact that the divisions are the
cause of man becoming a subject of their work, thus dividing them from it, along
with the society it benefits, the capitalists. Marx says, “Capital is therefore
not a personal, it a social power. (p.375)” which still holds true today. The
higher ups hold all social power and are responsible for the large economic
divisions throughout society due to their exploitation tactics. Even looking at
the domination of the rich from outside of the Marxist concepts we still see
exploitation in society through prejudices and inequalities in jobs and the
economy. The racism that the now POTUS exemplifies within the nation has caused
great division. We can see that with this division, minorities have fallen into
the alienation that Marx explains. Minorities as well as women with injustices
in the workforce and the undervalue of women has made them foreign to a society
that has housed them their entire lives. 


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