After the Civil War, many changes were made. The

After the Civil War, many changes were made. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment were added. These amendments were called the Reconstruction Amendments. The 13th amendment was simple, it abolished slavery. The 14th Amendment tried to solve the problem with newborn blacks. It made anyone born in United States is a citizen. The 15th Amendment states that you can’t discriminate voting rights on a person’s race. This last rule was not followed at all and caused a lot of conflict. Reconstruction Amendments were Amendments to give many immigrants, mainly black, civil rights. The 13th Amendment was the most simple Amendment of the trio. The 13th Amendment abolished any form of slavery. “This Amendment was adopted in 1865.(PBS)” The 14th Amendment, by far the most popular amendment, said anyone born in America is an American citizen. When Trump became president, many questioned if this Amendment would be removed since he seems to hate immigrants. The 15th Amendment is where one cannot be discriminated for voting based on their ethnicity. “However in the late 1870’s, many would find way to prevent African Americans from voting.(History)” The 13th Amendment established the goal for the North for fighting in the Civil War, abolishing slavery. It was supposed to make many blacks in the America have equal rights as white men.It was first made and stated in Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. It was made into an amendment after the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln and a few other republicans decided that if made into an amendment so no one could break this law. “When the U.S. House of Representatives decided to vote on the 13th Amendment, it was passed with a vote of 119 to 56, which was seven votes higher than the required two thirds majority.(” At first, this amendment failed. Blacks weren’t slaves, but were discriminated in many ways. Blacks were required to go to different schools than whites, drink from different water fountains, and many other unusual ways of segregating blacks from whites. A black person cannot be friends or have feelings for another white person. Blacks were happy to not be slaves, but it was unfair to have a bad education just based on their skin color. Later a law would be passed for black people’s rights, but this problem is still here today. We have groups like the Klu Klux Klan and Neo Nazis. They want a white only America, and these idea is disgusting. They kill blacks and even other non-white people. With our new U.S. president, Donald Trump, we have many immigrants fearing for their civil rights in this country. Many Muslims from certain countries are banned from America just for believing in a different religion. We also have racist police. The people who are supposed to protect and make people feel safe are hiring the wrong racist people. They arrest blacks and Mexicans just for driving a normal car. This amendment was a great start, but it didn’t clear up all the disgusting hate in this country.The first Section of the 14th Amendment states that anyone born in the United States is a citizen, no matter their parents ethnicity. The only reason many kids stay in the United States is because they were born there. This has become one of the most controversial amendments recently. President Trump’s campaign had one famous and racist messages to many Americans. He proposed to build a wall at the Mexican border. Any illegal citizen, which were mostly Mexican would be kicked out. This relates to the 14th Amendment because many Mexicans had their kids in America. This makes a complicated situation since the kid is a legal citizen, but the parents aren’t. This could have many Mexicans be parted away from their children. Their kids must work without the help with their parents, unless they chose to come, but that still brings many problems. President Trump’s time in the Oval Office will be one of the most confusing time for Americans and American immigrants. Section 2 gave some blacks the right to vote. However there were conditions made. You must be 21 years of age, which would later change to 18, be male, and must be a U.S. citizen. In Section 3, it says anyone who has rebelled or tried to fight the law and government would lose their right to vote. The only way to be able to get your rights back were to have two thirds of Congress vote so you can be able to vote. At the time, this was a very controversial amendment. Many of the Southerners were very mad at the new amendments. They hated blacks having equal rights to whites. Many Southern troops also lost their rights. This got many Southerners more mad at the North. Section 4 made anyone who had debts during the war clean of any sort of debts. Section 5 just lets the government pass all these new laws. Section 1 is the most important and controversial today. Having a little racist president is scaring people to death. Many fear if they will even stay in this country. Many even think they would lose their own citizenship.The 15th Amendment states that no voter can be discriminated by their race, color, or your previous status, which for many meant being a slave. It was not taken to action until the Enforcement Act of 1870. Like most of these amendments, this was not followed at all. Many whites in the south of the United States tried to cheat the system so blacks couldn’t vote. Since many of the schools blacks went to had a very bad education, the government put a test called the “Literacy Test” out to make sure blacks couldn’t vote. To be able to vote, you must pass this test. This worked but had some problems. Many whites could not pass the test themselves. This led to having a huge portion of the population not being able to vote. To let whites vote, they made the Grandfather Clause. It was simple, if your grandfather can vote, so can you. This was unfair to many blacks since their grandfather was a slave that could not vote. This happened for many years until the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


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