Adoption always have in mind that adoption is a

Adoption can be stated as a way of providing the security,
permanency, and love of a new family when it is not possible for a child to be
raised by his or her birth parents within the birth family. In addition, we can
state adoption as the process in which parental responsibilities are
transferred from the kid`s birth parents to their adoptive parents. An adoptive
order is always given by the court to the adoptive parents through the adoptive
agency when the court finds out that the kid has been staying and living
happily with the adoptive kids (Briggs 2012). The adoptive order, once it has
been given by the court, it cannot be revoked. The kid becomes the off the
adoptive parents who take all the responsibilities for the kid regarding
education, housing, clothing and other basic requirements (Triseliotis, 2002). The
adoptive parents should always have in mind that adoption is a lifelong
commitment to the kid that has been adopted and the kid by law becomes part and
parcel of the adoptive family.


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