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Learning through Social Media :     A

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                The arrival
of new technologies in different field has lead to the huge amount of rough
data storage in various formats like plain text, binary files, image file
formats, audio file formats, zip, metafile and so on 1. The processing of
collected huge volume of data from different sources is challenging and the
data are useless if it is not converted into some useful information. To convert
the raw data into some useful information data mining is introduced in the
database community in 90’s. The process of extracting needed
information/knowledge from the huge amount of data is referred a data mining. The
main goal of data mining is to explore knowledge and to find hidden information
from the raw data. Data mining uses knowledge discovery from data (KDD) to discover
unseen patterns and finding knowledge in rough data. Data mining techniques are
used in various fields to mine data and needed information from vast data
quickly 2. The major applications of data mining are financial data analysis,
banking industries, telecommunications, retail industry, sales/marketing, biological
data analysis, medicine, education and so on. Some of the real time example
applications for data mining are Google, yahoo, Amazon, eBay etc.

challenge in the educational institutions is to handle student’s details and
records in effective manner. Data mining helps educational institutions to
identify and discover unseen patterns by using educational data mining.
Educational data mining (EDM) is one of the applications of data mining which explores
data from the educational content. EDM mainly focus on solving problem related
to education. The main goal of EDM process is

to predict student future learning

reflection of educational support

discovering or reconstructing domain

elevate student information

Now a day’s educational system has
evolved and students started learning from various sources. Internet become
very popular and most of the students started learning new things via Social
media’s. Social media is a web based application which creates interaction
between the peoples from various countries and these media facilitate sharing
of thought, own ideas, sharing of information and to promote our brands. When
compared to olden days now it is easy to share information’s by using social
media’s.  These sites provide lot of
options for spreading information’s from one place to another through network
easily. Social media provides good platform for students to express his/her
feelings and thoughts. through this institutions can easily find out the
difficulties faced by their students .thus, helps educational institutions to
improve the success rate of learning and the standard of the education 3. Some
of the most popular social media sites are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,
YouTube, Orkut, Instagram, Blogger, Google and so on. Social media’s also
provide students to learn from various sources like community member article,
literatures related to studies.


Fig-1 Types
of E-Learning





Learning Network (SLN)


        SLN is a type of social network
implemented among learners, teachers and modules of learning. SLN provides open
online courses and corporate training given important questions about SLN. Assembling,
examining, leveraging data about SLN will give potential answer to these
queries with the help of modelling languages and design methods like social
network theory , science of learning and education information technology. students
can create profile in SLN using  their
details. facebook ,twitter, Google+ are the familiar networking sites among the








Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is started by the seven IIT’s
in India to plan and guide the science and engineering courses. NPTEL provides
online course content in engineering and science. The concentrated area for
NPTEL projects are,

Higher education

Distance education

Professional education

Open learning for the reference

        NPTEL mainly focus on five streams of
engineering(civil, computer, electrical, electronics and communication,
mechanical). Work force demand for trained engineers and technologists is way
over the amount of qualified graduates that Indian technical institutions will
offer presently. Only few institutions having fully qualified and trained
tutors and most of the institution have young , inexperienced tutors. therefore
it is really needed for those institutions to disseminate teaching/learning
content of high quality through all available media. Educational institutions
needs many more qualified teachers for effective higher education in
professional courses. A wide range of students who are unable to attend
scholarly in institutions , NPTEL will have access to quality index for them.
The major advantage of using NPTEL is that course contents are free for
individuals , contents in the site updated frequently and provides contents for
the teacher training. In future NETEL plans to extends the course contents for
all the engineering courses and tries to bring all the best tutors under one


Flipped Classrooms

Flipped classrooms are reversal of traditional teaching and
a combination of traditional learning and online learning.

Fig: Opportunities of Flipped Classroom

Learners need to watch taped seminar
video’s at home and in school they do task related to the watched video. By this
process of learning students gain some background knowledge of that topic. The
main aspect of flipped classes are when the learner need teachers more. Mostly
students need tutor’s help while doing homework’s but in traditional learning tutors
only available at the time of introduction of the topic and they unavailable
during homework. This leads to lack of basic knowledge of topic and students
started mug upping the contents. This problem is overcome in flipped classrooms
and lectures are replaced by video’s which creates some interest towards the
studies. Students engagement among the traditional learning is also restricted
to activities but in flipped classes students can work individually or in a
small teams on task designed by tutor which enhance the skills of the students
widely. This type of teaching leads students to involve some work like
functioning a concept by working for example outside school.


Fig 3: Theoretical Structure

Flipped classrooms have so many advantages in modern
learning and create new way to teaching methods but it also have some drawbacks
like most of the students don’t have facilities to watch online video’s,
increases the internet usage among students even though flipped learning gives stress
less environment for the students.



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