Action & systems from “low Cost “but “good quality”

 Action Plan (for conducting value engineering)

Ø  Review the conceptual design as indicated in the bidding stage.

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Ø  Review wastewater Quantification & Quality with minimum, average
and peak loads which would vary with enhancement 

Ø  Contingency management during population and wastewater flow,
quality surges during Conventions / Expos

Ø  Identify bottle-neck in treatment scheme with mitigation at minimum
cost and maximum reliability

Ø  Identify energy use area and possible steps to optimize them

Ø  Review the costs taken by EPC bidder (thumb rule or based on
preliminary BOQ)

Documents required (for Next Step) 

Ø  Purchase specifications (if any more in addition to those already
shared )

Ø  Incoming Waste water quality (bid document shared mentions minimum,
whereas for design for MBR Maximum, Minimum and Minimum are needed ) it may
need discussions with end user / consultant  (Comment : incoming Oil & Grease  of 5% seems incorrect )

Ø  Treated Water Quality (nothing mentioned on levels for Nitrates
& Phosphates, but treatment mentioned that the system should be designed for
COD, BOD Phosphates removals)

Possible areas of Savings

Ø  Avoiding with large capacity wastewater Equalization tank of 4000 m3
, whereas for STP the standard norm (Indian & international)is 30 minutes
of peak flow

Ø  Optimization of MBR Volume using realistic models

Ø  Smart Purchasing of equipment & systems from “low Cost “but “good
quality”  vendors i.e. purchasing BoB
Best Of Best

Ø  Optimization of MBR (optimizing optimal membrane flux and type of
membrane in tank out tank, Cross  Flow ,
Co Current flow including sourcing the best membrane vendor

Ø  Direct Purchase of High CAPEX items directly (Blowers, Membranes,
Instrumentation etc.)  items avoiding
taxes and overhead costs

Ø  Separating project phases

Basic Design & Engineering
: To One Party

Civil Works : Separate
Execution Agency

Procurement Capital
Intensive  Boughtouts:  Direct Purchase

Technology Integration MEI
Works  : different Execution Agency who
will actually do the work 


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