According University of Minnesota in Language Arts Journal of

to Bob
Moulesong (2010) in the magazine The
Times, listening skills allow one to make sense of and understand what
another person is saying. According to Wilson Mizner, American dramatist, a
good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he knows
something (Van Ekeren, 1988; 71). Poor listening will cause a salesperson or
businessman failure (Ingram, Schwepker, and Hutson, 1992). This
supported by Dominic Barbara, in his book The
Art of Listening, points out that poor listening provokes displeasure and
frustration. Therefore, listening is the most used component of communication
processes, especially in business.


cannot deny that listening is the quickest and easiest way of obtaining
information. According to Iwankovitsch, Ron (2001), you can get some
information like the effect of price affect the amount of quantity in a few
hours if you finding someone who knows about it. This is because we can not
only gain the information in the first time but also save time to get the
information that would take you a week of reading and researching to acquire. It is clear that
listening will affect our ability to gain and recall information.

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listening can make the employees or workers more productive.
This is because the likelihood of occurrence misunderstood will be decreased. According
to the analysis of Effective Listening Skills, a few respondents stated that
misunderstanding will usually occur when many of coworkers do not communicate
verbally at all, only through email (Amy Ogrodnik Sullivan, 2011: 26). This can
be supported by the report in the University of Minnesota in Language Arts Journal of Michigan (2001),
60% of misunderstandings can be traced to poor listening in the business world. Thus, listening
can avoid conflict and the problem can be solved well.


Normal methods of
transmitting information such as using e-mails or video calls pose a risk of
information leakage. The information shared may be hijacked by hackers or being
recorded and spread out via the internet. This will put a company at a
disadvantage because it will be harder to be sold to any third parties as it
had less credibility. However, through listening methods such as audio call or
face to face communication, sharing of information between two sides can be
more private. Firstly, the information transferred is safe from hackers as it
was not transferred through the internet. The process of information transfer
can be done by using any gadget, even using a public phone is enough to
accomplish the task. This makes tracking the information harder as the source
is random.


Listening is essential
to build strong rapport and trust with coworkers, managers and customers. As we
know that, if one of the members of a team does not listen to instructions as
well, an entire project might fail. Effective listening may ensure workers to
follow the instructions and do what is expected with minimal follow-up.
Furthermore, a customer’s trust in a salesperson may be defined as “a
confident belief that the salesperson can be relied upon to behave in such a
manner that the long-term interest of the customer will be served” (Crosby
et al., 1990: 70). People
need to listen to their customers to develop a trusting relationship (Farrant, 1996).
So, it is clear that listening helps salespeople gather information and
understand their customer’s needs better. When
customers perceive that a salesperson is listening to what they are saying and
working hard to fulfill their needs, they feel that the salesperson is honestly
interested in them and is more trustworthy (Swan and Oliver 1991). As Stettner
(1988: 44-45) indicates, “By asking the right questions and creating an
atmosphere of fairness and genuine concern, he builds trust and gives his
guests the freedom to express themselves openly”.


In conclusion, good communication between supervisors
and employees requires effective listening skills on the part of both. Effectively
listening at workplace will have many benefits such as gain information,
increased productivity, build trust and rapport. Overall,
more training on effective listening would be beneficial all employees.


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