According the civil war like the Second confiscation act

According to the American Yawp, “The American Civil War, the bloodiest in the nation’s history, resulted in approximately 750,000 deaths…” (American Yawp) This war erupted for various reasons, some of which included sectional splits, the election of 1860, and also the ambiguity of the constitution. Tying all of these factors together, the underlying cause of the civil war in 1861 was slavery.

    For many years, the tension between southerners and northerners only grew despite all of the compromises and so there was a great sectional divide between most of the south who were pro-slavery and the abolitionist of the north. The two parties; Democratic and republican sought to have their elected candidates to win in order for their ideology to prevail but, after the election of Abraham Lincoln, a republican who won all of the free states during the election, Southerners greatest fear had been realized as losing slavery would hurt their economy. This led the southerners to unanimously declare secession, “to dissolve their Union with the United States.” (American Yawp) Abraham Lincoln’s election as president in a way completely divided the nation, the south created a new confederate state that was all for slavery but a divided nation is a broken one and this fact greatly contributed to the civil war as an effort to unite the states again.

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     All through the United states history, the issue of slavery had always one way or another been avoided and finally the ambiguities regarding slavery in the constitution needed to be cleared up in order for the nation to progress. The compromises that were made as a political front to avoid the issue directly was failing. The fugitive slave act was nullified as General Benjamin F. Butler claimed that run-away slaves are “contraband of the war” and so did not needed to be returned to the south sing the south was no longer a part of the United States. Many other acts were passed that voided other acts created before the civil war like the Second confiscation act in 1862 that freed the enslaved that originated from the Union control. The vagueness of the constitution allowed for the continuous tension in the U.S and also allowed for constant change in the laws that divided the nation.

   The Political splits within the United States, the election of Abraham Lincoln as President in 1860 and the obscurity of the constitution are all factors that caused the civil war. But what connects all of these factors together is slavery. An issue that has been avoided by the United States since the Pre-Columbian era.


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